My Most-Loved Sportswear Brands at the Moment

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These days, I’m constantly on the hunt for stylish, yet comfortable and functional workout clothes. I’ve developed a bit of an addiction for building my sportswear wardrobe, and David has been comparing this to his houseplant addiction haha! If you are dedicated to fitness, you will know the importance of investing in quality gear. Personally, it has taken some time for me to figure out which labels are best for my slim body. If you have a similar body type, you’ll benefit from exploring these sportswear brands that I absolutely love (but really, they are pretty inclusive of all sizes)!


Let’s start with the obvious. Who doesn’t love Lululemon?! They’ve been around for a long time and my first ever fitted fitness jacket is from Lululemon. It’s still my favorite to this date. It’s hard to find jackets that are perfectly fitted, and not too long or short. I’m also a big fan of their run speed shorts and hotty hot shorts! Not only are they extremely comfy and breathable, they are also really flattering. I’m generally in between a size 2 and 4. Recently, I ordered their Speed Up Tight 28″ Full-On Luxtreme in Lazurite on sale for $69.99! I was unsure of sizing at first because I had heard that it runs extremely small. So, I went into their Palm Desert store to try it on in a different color before ordering. Thank goodness I did, because the 2 wouldn’t even go past my thighs! If you’re thinking of buying any Lululemon leggings in the Luxtreme fabric, definitely size up.

Lorna Jane

Looking to invest in quality sports bras? Take my word and thank me later – Lorna Jane is, hands down, the BEST! They definitely win big time in the support and style department. I was blown away when I first tried one of their bras. It felt like I was wearing a regular padded bra, minus the discomfort! Their bras provide plenty of support for my girls so I never have to worry about damaging my Cooper ligaments (aka risking saggy boobs… nooooo thank you!) during plyometric training. I even get a bit of cleavage in them, lol! For Lorna Jane sports bras, I am a size XS (literally spot on for a 32B gal – just sayin’), but for everything else like leggings & jackets, I go for XXS.

Alo Yoga

Similar to Lorna Jane, Alo Yoga also carries XXS for most of their styles. Particularly, I am obsessed with their leggings – so buttery soft and oh, so comfortable! Their sports bras in general though, I’d say are more geared towards yoga rather than high intensity training. If you’re looking for a sportswear brand that you can rock in and out of the gym or yoga studio, you’ll love Alo. They make some of the best streetwear-style clothing that is designed for you to work out in, and wear around casually for any occasion. Think moto leggings and cozy sherpa jackets!

Pro-tip if you live in Southern California: There’s no need to pay for expedited shipping no matter how in-a-rush you are. Alo is based in LA, and seem to be really on top of fulfilling orders and shipping quickly. It is very likely that you will receive your items literally the next day even with standard shipping. Every time I buy from their site, my clothes are delivered to my door in under 24 hours. The only exception is during holiday season, when it can take a little longer due to a higher volume of orders. New to Alo? Take 10% off your first order here!

P.E Nation

I have only recently discovered this brand after following Kayla Itsines for a while and was drawn to their eclectic, colorful styles. They do a wonderful job bringing the color-block and layering trends into sportswear. I haven’t seen them in physical stores near me, but have found them on sites like Revolve which offers fast 2-day shipping! I’m actually a fan of their older styles so I’ve bought some NWT/Like-New P.E Nation pieces off of eBay as well. Since they’re definitely on the pricier side, it’s nice being able to find styles I love while saving some money.


Most of my training shoes are by Adidas and I love that they are readily available at Marshalls & TJ Maxx. Living out in the desert where shopping options are pretty limited, it’s a big deal for me! Plus, there’s nothing better than scoring a pair of sneakers for under $50. I found my favorite classic all-white Adidas sneakers at a local Marshalls for only $30 and have gotten so many compliments on them since! I’ve also purchased some cute Adidas leggings and jackets.


Nike is pretty tied to Adidas when it comes to shoes for me. I can always count on quality, comfort, and style – and love that this brand is also widely distributed in most department & brick-and-mortar shoe stores. On one of my recent Marshalls trips, I found a nice pair of Nike training gloves perfect for weight lifting! I have super sensitive hands and do not want to get calluses or blisters. The best part is it was under $10. Over the years, I have also collected a few Nike workout tops that I’ve loved!


I have gotten some affordable Reebok sports bras with medium support from Marshalls & TJ Maxx for under $15 each. They are more low-maintenance than my other more expensive sports bras that recommend hand-washing, which I like. While they don’t always present a “wow” factor when it comes to stylishness, they are super functional and easy to wash with all my other laundry in the washing machine after a workout.

New Balance

Similar to Reebok, New Balance is one of my go-to practical sportswear brands. Their items can be found in many retailers for wallet-friendly prices. As far as sizing goes, I haven’t seen them carry any XXS, but their XS fits me perfectly for both sports bras and leggings. One of my most-worn leggings is by New Balance and I love everything about it – the color (dark heathered grey), fit (not too long or short), and feel (super soft)! I’ve worn it so often though that it’s starting to pill πŸ™ Luckily it was affordable, so I can easily replace it. I’m just hoping I can find another pair just like it!

Under Armour

Under Armour has a fantastic range of footwear and workout clothes that are very reasonably priced. The quality is awesome, too! I would say that the sizing is pretty similar to Reebok & New Balance. You can find Under Armour goods at major department stores like Macy’s, sportswear stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods, and my favorites… TJ Maxx and Marshalls!

What are some activewear brands you love & recommend?

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146 Responses

  1. Helloooo body goals! <3 I've never heard of P.E Nation but you wear that crop top SO well. Thanks for introducing me to a new brand. I'm a big fan of Lululemon and Lorna Jane though, and have to agree with you that their sports bras definitely are amazing πŸ™‚

  2. I love these brands too! You should check out Beyond Yoga too if you haven’t already. A big fan of their leggings πŸ™ŒπŸ½

    1. So glad to hear you do too, Emily! I have heard a lot of really great things about Beyond Yoga but actually don’t own anything from them just yet. But I will soon hahaha! Thank you for your rec! xx

  3. These are so amazing brands for the gym! I am all about cute workout gear which can help motivate me to achieve my goals! Love your purple board too! Very cute!

    1. Thanks Amy! I am the same way. Cute workout gear always does the trick when I need that motivation to be active and achieve my goals too. I got a little carried away with painting boards all sorts of colors but I’m glad you like it as a backdrop! Sometimes shooting against just a plain background paper gets boring πŸ˜‰

  4. I’m a total Nike girl. In fact, we’re really a Nike family. That being said, their yoga pants could use some improvement, so I appreciate these suggestions.

    1. Nike has some pretty solid gear! But I do prefer certain brands over others depending on what I’m getting. I think I like Lululemon & Alo Yoga for leggings most at the moment πŸ™‚

  5. I hadn’t heard of a couple of these, but now I’m intrigued. I don’t get to stay as active as I’d like – but it’s always good to have quality products handy when I AM able to get a good workout in.

    1. Sorry to hear that you don’t get to stay as active as you’d like! If & when you’re able to though, I am sure you’ll be pleased with the quality and selection that these sportswear brands have to offer πŸ™‚

  6. I am dying to buy some Lululemon for myself, now that I know they make menswear. And I am totally on board, New Balance makes the only sneakers that work for my feet! And I love Under Armour.

    1. Yes! Their items are worth every penny in my opinion. So cute, and functional too πŸ™‚ If you haven’t shopped there before you can use my link to get 10% off your first purchase xx

  7. I don’t really work out so therefore I don’t have a lot of sportswear haha. Though I need to and these brands are a great starting point for me. Btw you look so good!

  8. My favorite brands for active wear are Lululemon, Alo Yoga and Adidas. Hands down. Lulu may be pricey, but their products last! Added tip for Adidas: if you wear a small enough women’s shoe, you can get the same shoes for less in the kids department of Nordstroms.

    1. LOL!!! The funny thing is, I later realized that the white Adidas sneakers in my photo are actually boy’s sneakers… when I was trying them on I couldn’t figure out why I was a size 5 (when I’m normally a 7-8 depending on the brand/style). They were SO cheap too hahaha! Such a nice way to save $$$ especially since training shoes are often unisex appearance-wise these days! πŸ™‚

  9. Thanks for sharing a great brand for sports bras! My old ones aren’t fitting correctly right now and that’s the WORST for runners. Also, I NEED that purple water bottle and those purple leggings!! πŸ™‚ Fun colors definitely help with getting me in workout mode LOL. All of the sneakers you shared here are so cute–I’m an Asics girl for sneakers but I think it’s just because I know they hold up well to miles of running and have fun colors πŸ˜›

    1. Ahhhh you definitely need to check out Lorna Jane for sports bras then. I seriously wouldn’t wear anything else for running (though I don’t run – I barely get through plyometric training LOL… jumping and running just isn’t my thing). SO! Kudos to you girl!!! I hope you’ll find some pieces you’ll love, but I’m confident that LJ will change your sports bra game like it has mine hahaha. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Asics sneakers – need to get myself a pair because proper support is everything! Thanks for the recommendation, beautiful xo

    1. I’m so glad! Lorna Jane all the way if you’re looking for high-impact support sports bras. Alo Yoga makes great bras for low-intensity workouts like yoga/barre though πŸ™‚

    1. Nike and Adidas all the way for sneakers – I am with you! Though I’ve heard great things about Asics and I think I’ll get my next pair from them to venture out haha πŸ™‚

  10. That was such a long list, there are really lots of brands to choose from, but Reebok really stand out for me. Love the styles.

  11. Love these brands and selections! I think its important to have nice gym wear that you feel comfortable in and like you can move without worrying you arent covered properly.

  12. I love UnderArmour! I basically stopped purchasing from Lululemon though because their previous CEO and founder was extremely racist against Asians. I would also recommend Fabletics! I LOVE their workout clothes!

    1. I still need to check out Fabletics! Omg I feel so late to the game because I’ve heard a lot of wonderful things about them. What holds me back about workout brands that aren’t available in stores for me to try on first is sizing because it can be quite tricky sometimes!

  13. You picked out so many great items here! I haven’t purchased anything from Lululemon in years, but I still do really love them. Target has a lot of cute workout items too!

  14. I wear a lot of Under Armor gear as it tends to fit me the best and wears well. It’s also very comfortable. You don’t find them on sale too often though by me. All of these are great brands and you can’t go wrong with any of them.

  15. Great post. For me, Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour are my top three active wear brands. Their stuff is always quality. Since I’ve been working out for the past 6 months, I’ve really been trying to build a strong active wear wardrobe for both weight training and running.

    1. That’s amazing that you’ve been consistently working out for the past 6 months! Way to go, Johnny πŸ™‚ And you’re so right – a strong activewear wardrobe for both weight training and running is so important to have xx

    1. Not yet actually, though I’ve heard heaps of great things about Fabletics! I’m a little unsure of sizing so I’ll have to check their return policy and give them a go πŸ™‚ hehe

  16. These are some really great looking sports bras. I would love to have the comfort and support at the same time.

  17. I wish I’d found this post back when I was really slim (aka thin). Couldn’t find anything. Thanks for this – a lot of people who run on the small side will appreciate this post.

  18. I have those sneakers already and I can literally match it in any outfit. Everyone should really have to own a pair

    1. That’s amazing that you have an Under Armour outlet nearby! I have to check out the outlets near me to see if they have an Under Armour too. I totally agree with you – TJ & Marshalls has some of the best shoe finds at unbeatable prices! xx

  19. Nike is my favorite brand for my shoes! They always fit me so well and have so many fun colors. I have recently become a fan of Fabletics for the workout leggings, especially the ones with pockets. My other go-to is Victoria’s Secret VSX line. I really like their sports bras and workout leggings.

    1. Yes!!! Can never go wrong with Nike for shoes. I have to check out VSX next time I’m at the mall – actually have not tried their workout gear yet though I have lingerie from Victoria’s Secret πŸ™‚ And, have heard amazing things about Fabletics too but I’m iffy on sizing! Let’s hope their return policy is good so I can give them a shot.

  20. Love your selections! My favorite would be Lululemon, only because their return policy is impeccable. It reveals they are proud or their product and stand by its amazing quality.

    1. I have actually never had to return anything purchased from Lululemon yet so I didn’t know this! But it’s really great to hear that they stand by their product, as they should. Thank you for letting me know babe πŸ™‚

  21. I’ve never heard of some of these, so it was really fun to learn and see your recommendations. I’m a huge Nike fan and so is my husband. We’re from Oregon, so it’s fun to see our purchases reinvested in the UofO by Phil Knight. It’s like our money stayed at home, even when we’re buying a nationally recognized brand.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Erica! I’m a big Nike fan too, and am glad to hear that you and your husband are too πŸ™‚ Knowing where your money is going is also another big bonus! xx

  22. I swear by New Balance for my trainers – they are so comfortable and supportive. These other brands look good too – I need some comfy yoga pants so will check these out.

  23. Thanks this is helpful- or it will be when I get back into my own slim body! The purple background on your featured image is really cool= I’ve never thought to do a different background like that for a flat lay photo.

    1. Thank you Jessica! Lol I got bored of shooting flatlays on my sheets and plain background paper, so I decided to have some fun one day and paint boards to use instead πŸ˜‰ glad you like it! xx

  24. I love Lululemon and Under Armour! I get the Under Armour subscription box, so I’m always refreshing my workout wardrobe.

  25. Yes! Investing in solid workout gear is key. You gotta feel comfortable (and sometimes just sexy too) while you’re pumping yourself up in your workout. Honest, I only wear New Balance shoes (not always the cutest) but they have saved my knees in the past few years. Thanks for the list!

  26. Love that you’ve discussed brands that you actually use rather than just a targeted collection of products. Several of these I’ve not heard of but will look into. Thanks for your insights.

  27. I’ve not tried Alo Yoga brand yet- so your post was extremely helpful. I like the fact that they are giving a special deal for the first order.

  28. I’m always looking for a good sports bra that doesn’t feel like it’s suffocating me because it’s so tight! This one sound absolutely perfect! Thanks, babe. x.

  29. I do kickboxing and I’ve lost 20lbs since last August so my clothes don’t fit right at the moment and I’m definitely in the market for new athletic clothes. I have about 20lb left until my goal weight and for me it is important that the clothes breathe and can handle the workouts. The only things I have left are Victoria’s Secret sport clothes so this is really helpful, thanks!

  30. What a great collections!! Some of the stuffs are really cool and some are a bit too expensive for my wallet! But loved all of them. Great post

  31. Lululemon is always a fave!!!! Nike and Reebok are pretty much a given. You have listen some brands I have never heard of before! I can’t wait to check them out.

  32. Till date I was fan of Adidas and Nike but you shared so much information in this blog. Thanks for telling me about other brands too and I would love to try them, hope they’re available in my country.

  33. I love Nike. I am a short person with small feet. So it means that I have to shop in the kids department. Nike is my go to store store as they have fairly small sizes in the women’s department which I can fit into. This really helps in being able to find comfortable running shoes. Fitness and its goals is a challenge on its own, without having to worry about fitted sneaks.

  34. These are really great brands. I love New Balance shoes, Nike gear but have heard great things about other brands.

    XX, Nailil

  35. Ahhhh, Lululemon… I don’t think I could live without them! Their pants are so comfortable and flexible like no other. That said, the yoga pants I’m wearing right now are Reebok, because you get them for cheap at TJMaxx and they’re perfect for lounging around in. I’ve heard good things about Alo Yoga, but I haven’t made the investment yet – it’s my next big athletic clothing purchase.

    1. I am with you! Yes, Alo can be a bit pricey but you can definitely feel the quality haha. I’d say they are worth it! You can get 10% off your first purchase following the link I provided in the post xx

  36. I was in search of a good sport wear. The lululemon looks absolutely suite for me. I would love to try them. But not sure is they are available in our country.

  37. You have been on a role with your workouts! So proud of you. And I can see how you have put all these brands to the test. I love Lulu and even trying so many other brands it is still my absolute fav. That being said, I also have been wearing Alo Yoga too. I haven’t tried the others but am also a true fan of Nike and New Balance. I’ve been eyeing some Adidas for tennies but also love their track pants and hoodies. Thanks for all the recs, I want to try PE Nation now too!

    Christine |

    1. You have been too, Christine! So glad that you’re being proactive with your health to start the year. It’s so important! There are so many brands out there to try it can get overwhelming sometimes hahaha. But Alo Yoga and Lululemon are definitely staples for me. πŸ™‚

  38. Under Armour has been really popular lately but I love Adidas a lot. They always have a forefront designs like no other. I also love Vollaix. You should check that brand out!

  39. Thanks for sharing these great picks! New Balance is my ‘go-to’ brand, but I don’t often invest in sportswear, although I really should!
    I will check out some of the other brands you recommended – maybe some new sportswear will motivate me to be more active!
    Julia x

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