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Now that things are starting to look more in place at home, David and I recently found a gym to join nearby. Keeping up with a fitness routine was a bit of a challenge in LA because we didn’t live conveniently close to a gym and didn’t want to sit in traffic for up to an hour to get to one. Luckily, the one we joined in Palm Springs is just a five minute drive from us! In addition to working out at the gym, I also enjoy the different classes offered, such as yoga, pilates, and body sculpting. This new routine inspired me to put together a handy gym bag which I also take on hikes when I feel like exploring the outdoors! Today, I’m sharing some products by SweetSpot Labs that I can’t leave the house without on an active day.

With temperatures rising up into the triple digits here in the desert, staying clean and fresh is crucial. The extreme heat has caused my skin to become a lot drier… to the point where I will shed and peel like my lizard! It’s sort of scary and not so pretty. So, keeping my skin hydrated and using products with natural ingredients is important to me. SweetSpot’s Neroli Mandarin Gentle Wash and Neroli Mandarin On-The-Go Wipes work hand-in-hand perfectly to give my body the TLC it deserves and keep it clean, hydrated, and feeling soft.


Firstly, this wash is not only super gentle and refreshing, it also has a really delightful tropical scent. I feel like I’m on a summer getaway every time I use it! Made of coconut derived cleansers, this cleanses the body without stripping it of the essential oils. It is also infused with skin softening emollient oils of apricot kernel and sunflower, and panthenol, an ingredient that softens the skin.

I like to use this wash after an intense fitness class or gym session. It’s safe for everyday use all over the body, and it’s a bonus that the pretty packaging adds nice color in my bathroom. It’s also travel-friendly, which makes it ideal to pack into my gym bag. Since it’s so gentle, I never have to worry about it causing my skin to flake. In fact, my skin is always feeling soft and supple after I use it!


These on-the-go wipes are seriously must-haves. I have a pack in my car, another in my regular purse, and one in my gym bag! These wipes are made with 98% natural ingredients, are clinically tested, and are gynecologist recommended. Not only are these wipes perfect for an instant refresh after the gym, they are LIFESAVERS when you’re hiking and sweating in the desert heat.

Having these handy allows me to quickly clean up before brunch if I don’t have time to go home and shower first. They smell so good — even my friends have asked me what scent I have on. These days, I don’t wear much perfume so the answer’s got to be these Neroli Mandarin wipes! It’s relieving to know that I can smell fresh throughout the day without having to take multiple showers a day due to the scorching weather here.

I love that these wipes are super versatile. Not only are they useful at the gym or during/after a long hike, they’re nice for gals to keep around to refresh your sweet spot during your period or a night out. The aloe, cucumber, pineapple, and cranberry extracts in these wipes leave me feeling fresh and fabulous all day long!

What are your gym bag essentials or body must-haves as summer approaches?

Photos by David Potter

***Special thanks to SweetSpot Labs for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.***

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117 Responses

  1. I could definitely use these wipes! I find that they are most useful in the summer since it’s always so hot and I’m always outdoors. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Gonna have to look into those wipes. I always have some kind of post workout protein in my bag, can’t go without it.

  3. The wipes sounds perfect! I’m a Mom of littles and I use baby wipes on them for everything. I love that these are scented! I could see myself using these in the summer to feel refreshed after a sweaty day. BTW your photos are stunning!

  4. Sweet everything, these wipes are exactly what I’ve been needing. As much as I love to know sweat means I’m doing something, I also enjoy those little moments I don’t smell like an armpit. I feel like in the very near future these should be everywhere I go. Work locker, back pack, car, home, someone elses home. I was drawn to this because I need to put together a gym bag, but now I’m here for the smell goods!

  5. Your body is seriously goals! It’s getting warm where I am too and hiking is tougher now but with these wipes I’d be able to easily wipe down my sweat! Love it!

  6. Okay, first off, your blog is stunning! Secondly, you’re stunning. These photos are beautiful! I know I feel so gross after a workout so I will definitely look more into these products.

  7. First of all, you look amazing! Second of all, wipes are my life! In my gym bag and every other bag admittedly, These mandarin ones look awesome!

  8. I need to add these goodies into my gym/hiking bag! They sound really delightful. Nothing better than smelling fresh even after an intense workout! Have a great weekend 🙂

  9. These are perfect, I’ll have to see about adding these to
    My shopping list. You look awesom by the way

  10. At first I thought I need some of these wipes too, but then I realized it’s for areas I don’t have and had a bit of a chuckle as I thought they were for basically any parts of your body. Oh well, I don’t know if they’ve tested that on like armpits or anything, but I could be the first one out there, haha. As for my gym essentials I actually have a hair mask in my bag that I put on twice a week after working out (as I also sit in the sauna to relax my muscles after a workout and the heat combined with the hair mask is perfect). But considering you basically live in a sauna you don’t need the extra heat. 🙂

  11. You look amazing, I love your workout outfit! Convenience is definitely a factor when choosing gyms. Mine isn’t that far from my place – about 15min with no traffic, but my boyfriend and I tend to get lazy if it’s really gross outside. But we do travel by motorcycle so weather is a pretty big factor when it comes to driving lol.

    1. Thank you Maria! Yes, convenience is like top priority because I would hate to sit in traffic for an hour just to get to the gym only to be exhausted before I even work out LOL.

  12. I can’t wait to try the wipes and the wash. Glad you found a gym that works for you. It’s such a hassle when you have to trek to one!

  13. Feminine wipes, deodorant and body wash (because there’s a shower at my gym) are all must haves in my gym bag. I find that these are the items I reach for most and always come in handy, even for other girls in my classes who may have forgotten theirs. Driving an hour to go the gym is crazy! Glad you found a place more local to work out 🙂

  14. Thank you for sharing – I needed this post. I certainly will try the wipes since I exercise so much and when I leave the gym, I am usually on a schedule of doing errands, class, etc. so they would be great for me.


  15. Ow owwww, your body is on fire, girlfriend! Seriously I need to take whatever classes you’re taking and up my gym routine. Stunner! These products sound fantastic. I love things that make me feel fresh and smell good at the same time. Anything with essential oils in them definitely beckons me to buy!

    Stephanie //

    1. Come take Zumba and body sculpting with me! I’ve been really getting into these classes at my gym. I suck at Zumba still but hey, doing it for the exercise 😉 LOL.

  16. i gotta check these wipes out! i normally just use a baby wipe since I always have some!
    but my other go to is BABY POWDER. i throw some in my hair after a work out and it soaks up all the grease and sweat from my workout!

  17. First of all you look amazing! I am glad you found such a close gym nearby and I am sure that being out in the desert also calls for lots of fun hikes with your new dog too. I am all about wipes and these from Sweetspot look great. I am always on the go too so these sound perfect for me for a quick wipe down after a workout and before running errands. I need to try this wash as well. The scent sounds so lovely and I love that it is for face and body and made with great ingredients like coconut oil not to strip our natural oils. Thanks for sharing this brand with me! xoxo, Christine

    1. Thanks babe! S’mores doesn’t do so well in the extreme heat since pugs have trouble breathing but we take him on hikes anyway. Lucky for him he’s got a strong daddy who can carry him the rest of the way once he’s exhausted lol!

  18. The wipes sounds amazing babe!! Will check them out.
    Loving your palm spring lifestyle and you body looks absolutely amazing!!


  19. Wow! I loved your photos!! Really, so pretty, and the products seem like really great ones. I will keep looking at your blog because honestly it is gooood ahah

  20. As a mom to s toddler wipes are a necessities , love that they are made with natural products.

  21. Those wipes sound amazing! I always seem to have a million errands to run after working out and I’m always in need of a quick refresh so I can be presentable in public haha. I’ll have to check these out!

  22. Ooh, I’m definitely going to look for those wipes! These would be perfect to keep in the car during the hot summer months when it’s over a hundred degrees outside and I have to be out all day running errands!

    1. They’re available at your local Target! Definitely worth checking out. It’s getting hot out here in the desert so I totally know what you mean!

  23. These sound great and those wipes seem multi=purpose. Since they’re great for carrying with you, I’d use them to wipe down things aside from my face (like the toilet haha) and sweat when it’s a really hot day. I also love a good face mist when it’s just too hot to handle outside.

    xx Yasmin

  24. Great list of body essential wipes. As i was addicted to using wipes, and i have tried most of the wipes listed here. I am currently using a natural disinfectant gym wipes made from bamboo which is Eco-friendly too. I highly recommend using the biodegradable wipes which is good for us as well as for the environment. Thanks for sharing.

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