5 Tips for Boosting Productivity This Summer


Happy *official* first day of summer! It’s been a scorching past few months in the desert, but today we are supposed to reach a high of 122 degrees. Needless to say, I’ll be hibernating in the condo with AC on full blast, hoping that our power doesn’t go out. Ever since moving to Palm Springs, I’ve noticed that I had to modify some of my habits to avoid falling into the “summer slump.” The hot weather can be really draining and it can be a challenge to get work done in the middle of the day. In the past month or so, I’ve adopted some new practices which has helped me stay on top of things. In light of summer’s arrival, I thought I’d share my top 5 tips for boosting productivity during the hot months!

ONE // Get an early start. Like 5 am early.

This one is a GAME CHANGER for me. I was never really too much of an early bird (not a 5 am one at least) before, but now it feels AMAZING to be up that early! Firstly, the weather is a loooot more bearable at this time. Secondly, there’s just something about getting up early that makes me feel like I’m getting ahead of the world. That, in turn, makes me feel good about myself and my day! It’s super motivating to continue working throughout the day when you know you started strong. I’m still working on sleeping early at like 9 pm so I can get enough sleep before I get up but so far the earliest I’ve done is 11 pm. Well, progress, right?

TWO // Get your outdoor activities & errands out of the way in the morning.

On a good day, I’ll get my grocery shopping, gym, shoots, and pool time all in before 10 am. It gets unbearably hot to drive and walk around outside after that. Ideally after 10, I’ll stay indoors to work at my desk. Sometimes if I’m feeling daring, I’ll go out to the pool in the middle of the day (and get minimum 2 shades darker by staying out for just 15 minutes)… but those dark spots are catching up to me. So, I’ve gotten a lot more careful with tanning. Now, I do it strategically with a ton of sunscreen and getting out there before the sun gets dangerously strong.

THREE // Make a schedule to stick with.

It’s always easy to get things done when you know exactly what needs to be done. Every Sunday, I’ll map out a rough “to-do list” type thing for every day of the week. Of course, plans change and sometimes things shift around. But, at least if I ever draw a blank, I can refer to this list and complete tasks one at a time.

FOUR // Stay hydrated.

Hydration is SO important for our bodies in general, but even more so when it’s hot out. I don’t think I’ve drank so much water in my life before moving out here. Dehydration is known to cause fatigue and sluggishness. And bad skin… and a lot of other not-so-great things. Stay out of the slump by loading up on those electrolytes and iced lemon water!

FIVE // Keep a clean workspace and invest in cute stationery.

Work is the last thing I want to get started on when my desk is cluttered. By keeping my work area clean, I’m able to function efficiently and comfortably. Recently, I learned of U Brands, a brand that offers the cutest stationery at Target! They have trendy weekly planners, fun pens, adorable macaroon erasers… and much more! Their items make the perfect gift for a student and girl boss who works from home. Looking for custom lettering on your notebook? My cousin Angie at bobo design studio is your girl! She is super talented at lettering and will create something you love. Nothing better than customizing your workspace to boost motivation and productivity! 😉

And there you have it — my top 5 tips for staying productive in the heat!

What are some habits or things that help you stay out of the summer slump?

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116 Responses

  1. Those macaroon erasers are to die for! At first I had no idea they were erasers and wanted to eat them LOL. Great tips girly! Staying on track is definitely harder when it’s hot. Staying hydrated is definitely key for me 🙂

  2. That notebook is too cute! And how amazing your cousin did that – she’s very talented! I love all your tips and will definitely put them to good use to stay awake at work this summer 😅😅

  3. I always have a problem with waking up early or doing anything in the morning. I’m a complete night owl and I function a lot better starting around noon or 1pm. It’s just something I’ve had to deal with. I work till about 2AM with no problems though.

    1. Everyone is different and it’s great that you function well at night! For me, I need the daylight to shoot and I don’t like to shoot when it’s too hot so getting up early is a must lol

  4. Cute stationary is definitely important. So agree with getting up at 5am in the summer – you get sooooo much done and then don’t feel too guilty when it’s time to chill at the beach 😉

  5. Super helpful tips. I actually like to get up super early to get my work done so I can be outside during the day. (On the weekends that is). Of course its starting to almost get too hot here in D.C. do to that anymore.

  6. I think waking up early is a great idea! I’m not a morning person at all so it’s hard for me to wake up before 7am but on the days I do get up early, I feel so accomplished all before I even leave for work. The stationary is so cute & it seems like the cutest gift idea too.

    1. I was not a morning person before I moved to Palm Springs and was essentially forced to be lol. It’s literally over 100 degrees from like, 9 am to 10 pm so I don’t even get to enjoy sunset without burning up LOL

  7. I love your tips! I think staying hydrated is one thing a lot of people take for granted. If you’re dehydrated, you really are going to feel down and sluggish!
    BTW- where is your weekly notepad from? So cute!

    #2 I've realized that the earlier I get up, the more productive my day seems to be. I love getting out early in the morning and getting things done. If I wake up before 8 a.m. my little fluff ball gets a good 20 minute walk, If I wake up later in the day, she gets let outside by herself for a few minutes. I feel like most of my day is already gone.
    #3 I love your stationery!

  9. Thank you for all the tips. I have to say that I pretty much do all of your points except for the last one which I need to concentrate on.because right now I do not have any really good stationery. Great points.



  10. First of all, I love how interactive and engaging your website is… really drew me in! I struggle with productivity when the sun’s shining. These tips are super simple and actionable!

  11. I don’t work from home but I am a stay-at-home mom and I have been practicing some most of these tips. I love the early morning quiet to get stuff done while everyone is still asleep. Also, we try to get our errands done earlier rather than later. It is so helpful. Drinking lots of lemon water always helps cut down on my sluggish-ness – I do feel it when I don’t drink enough water.

  12. These tips are too good – especially staying hydrated in the heat of the summer! It seems so obvious but often people forget, and it’s the best energy booster! I also can’t work unless my space is clean. Awesome tips, thanks for sharing! Xo

  13. I need to work on getting up earlier! Ever since I have been blogging full-time I have been terrible about sleeping in. Also, my exercise gets done in the afternoon, which is not ideal in hot Tucson.

  14. Cute stationary is definitely a must when it comes to productivity! I’m much more motivated to work when I’m writing on (and with) pretty things. [Side note: where did you get your pens? I love them!] I’m not a morning person so idk if 5am is for me but I might shoot for 6 and then move forward from there. 😛
    Great tips and gorgeous site!
    xoxo Lauren | Glitter & Grandeur

  15. Great advice all the way around! I thought it got hot here in central Texas, but we don’t have to worry about it hitting 122 degrees! 🙂 My husband is much more of a 5 am-type than I am, but he totally agrees with you that it feels great to get out ahead of the world! Thank you for this inspirational post!

  16. Great tips babe, I also love having a clean desk and pretty things around me like stationary, makes work more fun and I feel more creative too 🙂 xx

  17. It’s been so hard to stay productive this summer, so these tips definitely help! Especially the one about getting errands done early. Such a good idea!

  18. I love the early morning. This is when I am most productive. I also am a stickler for writing out a schedule. I feel guilty when I don’t follow it. but, 122 degrees. Wow!

    1. I know right? Having a schedule helps so much! But you shouldn’t feel guilty — I think it’s best to use it as a guide to know what needs to get done so that you don’t waste time during the day trying to figure out what to do next lol. Yes, it’s been hot hot hot!

  19. OMG 122 degrees?! I hope you stay cool and your AC doesn’t break (again) !!! Happy first day of summer. I love these tips!! I really want to start my day at 5am like you but I just can’t seem to get myself to wake up LOL. It’s been a struggle but I’m slowly working up to it. I’m currently at 6:30am HAH! Love the cute stationary!! Definitely gives you productive vibes 🙂 thanks for sharing!!

    With love, Jenn

    1. It was a reallllly hot week! Could barely do anything outside and it was quite hard to stay productive to be honest lol. So glad that our AC was fixed before the hottest day of the week though — that was definitely a blessing! You are waking up pretty early too girl! xx

  20. so firstly, your blog is gorgeous! omg! secondly, how are you functioning so strong on 6 hours or less?! I just can’t. But I do love that when I do have an early start and smashed most of my to-dos before 10am – It is a great feeling!

    1. Thank you so much Megan! Haha I catch up on my sleep on weekends 🙂 today was totally a lazy day! Did nothing but sleep, eat, and tan. Haha. And now reading through blog comments!

  21. First let me say I love your blog layout. It is super bright and fun. Target does have some pretty cool stationary and desk organizing stuff.

  22. I wish I could get myself out of bed that early! My alarm clock goes off at 5:15, but it’s a rarity that I actually wake up before 7:30 – and that’s WAY earlier than what I was doing for the past few years. It’s taking time to get up early, since my stomach is at its worst in the morning, but I’m getting there haha. I really love getting all my work out of the way in the morning, so I can have the rest of the day to do errands, photoshoots, etc. I also try to keep a really tight schedule – though obviously things change sometimes. It’s just important to keep organized. Thanks for sharing your tips, girly!

    1. You’re not doing badly though girl! 7:30 is still early and sometimes if I’ve had a really long day I also can’t wake up super early the next day and end up waking around 7:15 ish. I’m so sorry to hear about your stomach! I get bad stomach woes during my time of month but that’s about it (and yet I complain… omg, I really shouldn’t haha). Photoshoots in the desert HAVE to happen in the morning basically unless you want your makeup to melt off >_< at least in the summer lol

  23. #1!!!!!! I want to get up early! I try so hard but I fail over and over again. Working full-time and blogging is time consuming so I definitely would be more productive if I could get up early.

  24. Since I just went full time, these tips will be very useful to me! One thing I struggle with already is going to bed super late and waking up late. I end up not getting a lot done until nighttime…not the best way to go. Thanks for the motivation to get up and go to bed earlier!


    1. I’m so glad to hear it babe! My friend Miki told me she met you at BlogHer and said you are a total sweetheart! We have to meet in person some day too 🙂 xx

  25. There’s just something about Summer that makes us all want to play all day instead of work. Thanks so much for sharing these ideas and I’ll be sure to implement them as I try to stay motivated this season.


    1. I know right? I just want to lay out by the pool and tan all day lol. But waking up early to get work done allows me to do more of that! 🙂

  26. I can’t believe how hot it gets there and still need to ask you what made you move to the desert one of these days. It’s great to get an early start and wish I could do it too. It’s hard if you don’t get to bed early but if you do that’s awesome. There’s something about getting up and stuff done while the whole world is still sleeping. These are some great tips and definitely love the cute stationary and planner. Your cousin makes the cutest stuff and need to get some things from her soon! Xoxo, Christine

    1. Haha I’ll tell you all about it! I am still trying to get better at going to bed earlier so I can get up earlier on a consistent basis but like you said it can be a challenge. I’m glad you like my cousin’s stuff too! She’s super talented! xo

  27. Love the tips! I definitely find getting my errands out of the way early helps. If I don’t do that, they tend to get pushed to the bottom of my to do list and just not get done.

  28. First of all, before I even comment on the content….. I LOVE YOUR BLOG. It’s beautiful!!!

    Going back to the topic, I totally agree that I have to get my errands settled and cleared first thing in the morning. I find that I tend to have a depreciating attention span and motivation as the day goes. Hahah. And thank you for the water reminder – I’m always not drinking and dehydrated 😡


    1. Thank you so much love! You’re too sweet! I appreciate the feedback 🙂 I have to constantly remind myself to drink more water too. Sometimes it’s easy to just get so focused on what needs to be done that we forget to stay hydrated.

  29. I love the cute stationary idea, I end up not writing a letter because I can’t find something that works around the house and a personal note goes a long way. I have been staying up WAY too late too, which has been making my mornings a bear.

  30. Waking up early might be the most widely-known “secret” of highly-productive people. Mornings are a fresh start, peaceful and free of ringing phones and constant email notifications… And summer time is the best season to start this habit, but it’s not as easy as it sounds for many people.

    1. So true Chad! It’s a challenge for me sometimes too especially after I’ve had a REALLY long day and just want to sleep in the following day! lol

  31. Your office supplies are the cutest! I am definitely not a morning person, but my 4 year old is, so I’m really trying to consistently get up before she does–she’s a really early riser, so it’s tough! I definitely get more done when I manage to get up before she does, so I need to get that schedule going daily. 🙂

  32. Yay! An excuse to get cute office supplies! But seriously, I’m with you there on the mornings! I feel so much more productive when I get up early!!

    1. Haha I need to get back on my old schedule! Been so busy the past few days I’ve been working later nights and not necessarily getting up as early as I want to. Hopefully after my store launch I can return to my old schedule haha.

  33. It’s so hard to be productive, but you do a great job at giving these tips! I’m trying to get up earlier this year, but hoping that now I can do better this coming up school year! These are all great tips so I hope I can at least implement one or two!
    Jordan xx

  34. I wish I could get up earlier than 8 or 9 am but it’s so hard when my sleeping time is between 1 and 2 am. Working out in the morning does motivate me to get up though! I also agree on staying hydrated! It’s so important to keep myself awake and refreshed throughout the day. The stationary is very cute, it would make a very stylish workspace!

    1. I know how you feel! I’ve been working later nights these days too preparing for my store launch tomorrow. Hopefully I can get back on track with my sleep schedule soon though… haha

  35. Great tips for staying productive! I totally get the whole waking up early thing but I’m still very bad at actually doing it, especially since I’m a night owl who tends to work till late. I always set my alarm for 7 am and honestly don’t get up until 8. I wish I could get up at 7 on the dot, but 5 am is a little out of my reach at the mo haha!

    xo, Jo

    1. Ugh I’ve gotten sort of bad at doing it too unfortunately. I think it’s also because the heat doesn’t really go away at night anymore so there’s no point in getting up early if I’m forced to stay home to work anyway regardless (or have to brave the heat for shoots) LOL. These days I’ve been more realistically getting up anywhere from 6-7 am.

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