A Pug’s Life: Staying Healthy & Active with Humankind Dog Food


***Special thanks to Humankind for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.***

When David and I adopted S’mores earlier this year, we did plenty of research on pugs and learned that they get overweight pretty easily and genetically have more health issues than other dogs. This didn’t stop us from welcoming the cute love bug into our family though! To maintain his health, we have been feeding him quality grain-free foods to ensure that he gets all the nutrients he needs. Recently, I was thrilled to discover Humankind, a brand dedicated to help pets live long and healthy lives. They have developed natural human quality food for dogs that is complete and balanced for all our pup friends out there!

First and foremost, I love that Humankind believes in only feeding dogs human-edible food. In other words, it’s basically quality of food that you would find at a grocery store and eat yourself. Humankind is rich in nutrients, fatty acids, a natural prebiotic to support high energy, and 99.8% of its protein comes from whole foods. It’s also minimally processed at low temperatures to retain natural nutrients.

We all know that getting our protein from fresh chicken is always preferred over protein from processed meat. Traditionally manufactured pet foods are often processed with artificial preservatives, fillers, and by-products. I feel safe feeding Humankind to S’mores because it is a clean label. They don’t use 4D meat from dead, dying, diseased, or disabled animals due to its 100% Human Quality approval! All ingredients and production processes comply with the highest FDA regulations for Human Edible food set by the US government.

If I had to make a comparison, I would say that Humankind is sort of like stew for humans. Not only is the consistency similar, it also has a variety of ingredients like carrots and meat to make a complete meal! Prepping lunch and dinner for S’mores is very easy because all I have to do is add some water to the mix. He seems to love the taste of it — just like how I enjoy my homemade stews.

Humankind comes in 2 sizes: 5 lb. ($59.99) and 10 lb. ($99) bags. The 5 lb. bag makes 18 lbs. of food after it’s rehydrated, and the 10 lb. bag makes 37 lbs of food. For the quality you get, it’s totally worth it! Living in a small town, finding quality food for S’mores can be a challenge. Luckily, it is very convenient to purchase Humankind online. They even deliver it to the door so I don’t have to worry about lugging up a heavy bag of dog food up the stairs!

Ever since incorporating Humankind into S’mores’ diet, he has been a very happy, healthy, and active pup! While he is on the girthy side, he definitely loves to run, play fetch, and go on fun adventures with his mommy and daddy.

My dog pawrent friends, have you tried Humankind yet?

Photos by David Potter

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47 Responses

    1. Yes! S’mores has gained a bit of weight since we’ve adopted him and so I got a little concerned and decided to change his diet to something more clean and healthy. I’m glad he is loving it and has been adopting a healthier diet 🙂

  1. OMG I adore Pugs. I have not heard of this Humankind dog food. Great to know because their diet is as important as humans. Great post.



    1. Aww I’m so glad you love pugs too! They are the best hehe so cute! I couldn’t agree more — a dog’s diet is just as important as our diets! Hope you’re having a wonderful week xx

  2. It sounds like a very good diet for pug. I will definitely check it out and get some for my son’s pug. Your pug is so adorable and the pictures of him is of high quality photos. Good job!

  3. Your pug is the cutest and he looks so healthy and happy! I’ll need to look into Humankind for my golden retriever! Thanks for sharing.

  4. If we have to put our dogs on a diet this means that the food we use in our daily life is bad. Never heard from my grandfather about dogs on diet. And he had dogs!

    1. S’mores isn’t necessarily on diet — he’s just eating healthier food! Haha although he is on the chubbier side and could afford to lose a few pounds. Luckily with Humankind it’s easy to practice portion control and feed him just the right amount!

  5. Aww, S’mores is getting more and more of a star isn’t he? Just make sure it doesn’t get to his head, haha. As for Humankind I’ve bumped into them before and it’s almost sad to think what our dogs had as options when I was a kid. Thankfully my parents always prepared (yes, prepared) food from scratch to them so they didn’t eat the junk that’s in most of the pet food out there, but I’m glad there’s finally an option out there that would have saved my parents a lot of time back in the days.
    Thomas xx

    1. LOL! Too late I think… jk. Haha! The good thing about dogs is they stay humble! More or less… 😉 lol preparing food from scratch is the best but unfortunately S’mores’ mommy and daddy are either too busy or too lazy to cook for him so Humankind is as close as it gets!

  6. Wow this dog food sounds amazing and so great for keeping dogs healthy and fit. If I had a dog I would totally feed this to him and feel great about it. I like that it has veggies in it and that it is comparable to stew. The fact that you just need to add water makes it easy and simple and a no brainer. What a lucky dog Smores is to have these pampered meals! xoxo, Christine

  7. I remember when I used to have my dog (small maltese) I was extremely selective in what kind of food should I buy. Looks like Smores love Humankind and it sounds the right choice for him!!! He is such a cutie and natural on camera like his mommy 🙂


    1. Awww Marcy you’re so sweet! So funny you say maltese because I wanted a maltipoo before I stumbled across the cutest little pug in the corner (whom I named S’mores after adopting him) lol! Your pup musta been super cute!

  8. S’mores is so adorable!! I’ve always wanted a dog but alas no animals are allowed in my apartment 🙁 Maybe one day I’ll be able to and I’ll definitely remember Humankind for its food!

    xo, Jo

    1. S’mores says thank you Jo! 🙂 Awwww that’s such a big bummer that no animals are allowed in your apartment. There’s always the future though — what kind of dog would you like? 🙂

  9. You have the cutest pug! So glad to hear he’s loving his new food. Humankind sounds really healthy and wonderful for all dogs! Thanks for sharing.

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