7 Plants to Add to Your Home (& Why You Should Do It!)

This past Sunday, David and I checked out the local farmer’s market just a couple blocks away from where we live and got some fresh flowers for our apartment. We enjoy having plants around because they really help to open up & add vibrance (especially on gloomy days) to any home. Plus, they always look great in photos! I have also found that adding a small plant or two on my desk/working space gives me a sense of a fresh start everyday and motivation to grow and make a new day great.

For those of you looking for some #homeinspo, consider these plants to add to your living space!


Okay, there’s no reason why this is #1 (btw, none of these plants are in order in terms of favoritism, simply because I love all of these and probably will have them all in my home at one point or another!). BUT, having been raised in a traditional Asian family, I’ve pretty much grown up with these guys! Bamboo plants definitely add a nice flair of greenery to a home. I have a small bamboo plant in the shape of a heart that Potter got me two years ago that is still going strong in our kitchen at the moment! The ones that resemble trees (as pictured above) look great in bigger living spaces such as the living room. The best part about bamboo plants is that they are super low-maintenance and last a looooooong time.


I was first attracted to succulents seeing them in so many photos of lookbook campaigns. Random, I know. But hey, we all get our inspiration from somewhere! I personally prefer little succulents that can be hung on walls, ceilings, or just placed in small pots and placed on a ledge beside a big window. Succulents look amazing in photos and are great props for product photography.


Not only do these babies do a great job of adding vibrancy to wherever they’re placed, they are plants with more volume, which really helps to add a statement to any room. They can be placed on a coffee table in the living room on top of a few of your favorite magazines or books, or even in the bathroom for a bit of color. They are a photogenic bunch, too!


Daisies have been a long-time favorite. They look beautiful in hair… and the versatile look makes it ideal for anywhere from the bedroom to the living room. For some reason, I like having daisies in the kitchen in front of the window. From my experience, the kitchen area can get pretty dark at times and the white daisies really help to add a pop!


Remember those Valentine-gram days when your secret lover would send you pink carnations and have them delivered to you at school? Those days are not over! Surprise your lover with some carnations and liven up his/her workspace!


Ah, roses… a timeless favorite! I hate how quickly they die, but nonetheless, I still love them. They’re available in many different colors, so you can always switch up depending on your mood. They’re not only great as home decor, they also smell really good & are heavenly in a bathtub filled with warm water & your favorite bubble bath for a therapeutic spa day. When they’re starting to wilt, I like to take the roses and dry them upside down. Then, I’ll hang them up on the wall like decor! It gives off a nice vintage feel that I adore.


If you’re not home much or don’t have time to care for plants, you could most definitely consider adding some artificial plants of your choice to add a bit of vibrancy and freshness to your home. They won’t smell nice like real flowers, but at least they won’t die! I also prefer to use artificial plants on the dining table because it adds a bit of flair without me having to worry about cleaning up any mess or any plant residues getting into my food when it’s meal time!

Do you have any plant(s) that you love to have in your home? I’m always welcome to suggestions! 🙂

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104 Responses

    1. LOL!!! Speaking of no green thumb, my succulent just died -___- so I’m with you girl! LOL. I’m the same way — I just keep buying when they die. Especially on a gloomy day like today, pretty plants really help brighten up a living space 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Christine! xo

  1. I can only do artificial plants since I am quite challenged when it comes to caring for real ones… haha! Thanks for sharing love x

  2. Excellent post! I love plants myself and my favourite are hydrangeas, I have two bushes and clip them and have them all over the place, inside and out!

  3. My favorite plants at home are succulents – partly because I do not have a green thumb and succulents are very forgiving! I also love they way they look – they’re really cheerful. Your post is lovely – gorgeous photos. Tweeting to share.

    1. Lol! I am the same way! Even succulents don’t survive very long under my care. I just like to keep getting fresh flowers as they go out haha. Thanks for reading and sharing babe! xo

  4. Great options! Thanks for the decorating inspo. Will definitely refer to this post as I decorate my new house with my husband in time for the holidays. xoxo

  5. I’m a total sucker for succulents (no word pun intended!). They’re not only great in pictures, but they fit my minimalistic Scandinavian home so well 😀 And besides that, they’re hard to kill. Haha.
    Thanks for some plant inspo!

    1. LOL! I can always count on you to put a smile on my face, Thomas! I couldn’t agree more. I’d love to see your Scandinavian home! Always been curious as to what one of those looked like. Meanwhile I’m here living in an apartment in LA. Boooooring! Haha

    1. Thank you, Sydney! LOL I just killed my succulent so I know that pain. Luckily the plants at our local Home Depot are really affordable so I don’t feel too bad 😉 lol!

  6. I’m all for the artificial plants! Been house sitting my parents house this summer, mostly to take care of the dog and the plants… result: one healthy dog and plenty of dead flowers.

    I remember to water them once for three months. The plastics still look amazing 😉


  7. Yes, girl! Not only do I love this but husband would too! I’m not a big fan of huge plants indoors because I have this ridiculous irrational fear of bugs indoors and I associate large plants in the house with them for NO REASON AT ALL. lol Funny because I love to hike and be in the field…
    The hubs usually buys me flowers, but hydrangeas are also another favorite of mine. I’ve been wanting to hit the flower market in LA, so it’s on my list when I get back. ?


    1. I haven’t been to the flower market yet in LA either and want to check it out soon! Lucky you, you get flowers on the regular from the hubs! That’s always nice 🙂 hehe thanks for stopping by babe x

    1. Ohhhh! That is a great routine! I think I’ll be doing the same after discovering a farmer’s market just down the street from my place haha. Every Sunday!! 🙂

    1. I’m not either! LOL! I somehow killed my succulent not long ago 🙁 luckily they are pretty affordable and easily replaceable at Home Depot (does that sound bad?) HAHA!

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