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How to Start A Fashion Blog

How to Start A Fashion Blog (or any blog, website, and online store!)

I’m often asked how to start a blog and what web hosting provider I use and recommend. A lot of my followers also ask whether or not using WordPress is difficult; setting up a theme or plugins. With anything you learn, it’s not difference with using WordPress. It took a little bit of time to learn WordPress and get comfortable using it, but it has definitely been worth it! I was able to learn and figuring everything out so I have confidence that you’ll be able to as well.

I thought it would be best to help my readers, fans, and visitors by recommending the WordPress web hosting provider I use and what steps to take to get started on your blogging journey, setting up your website or online store.

The title of this page is how to start a fashion blog, but keep in mind that the steps below will work for anyone looking to showcase their portfolio, sell products online, or simply write blog posts using WordPress. When I first started years ago, using WordPress and understanding the differences between a hosting account and domain registration was confusing and difficult since I had never done anything like this before. Fortunately, there are a TON of guides, resources, tutorials, and walk-through videos online for WordPress since it has such a large global community.

So let’s get started! This “how to” guide willΒ walk you through three simple steps on how to start a blog with a web host provider named PeoplesHost. I’ve partnered exclusively with PeoplesHost because they are a web host with affordable pricing, quality hosting services, and specialize in WordPress hosting. Following these steps will help get you started with a domain name, hosting, and your site online at PeoplesHost within a matter of minutes.

Follow these three easy steps to get yourself a free domain name and blog set up at PeoplesHost

  1. Choose a Hosting Plan
  2. Choose Your Domain Name
  3. Choose Billing Cycle

1. Choose a Hosting Plan

For beginners, the hosting plans I highly recommend are theirΒ Basic or Choice plans. These two are the most popular plans among their WordPress customers. The main difference is the amount of bandwidth and space (storage) you get with each plan. The Choice plan is only $5 more per month and you’ll have plenty of room to grow with 4 times the space and 3 times the bandwidth. This is good if you have lots of photos like me or expect to have a lot of traffic to your site.

Once you’ve decided which plan you want to order click the “Order Now” button on PeoplesHost site. This will take you to the first step of their checkout process.

Don’t forget to copy this coupon! This coupon will give you a special 20% discount on a 1 or 2 year billing cycle if you apply the coupon STYLELULLABY during the last step of the checkout process.

Mommy Host Pricing

2. Choose Your Domain Name

Here’s the fun part! Choosing your domain name. Your domain name is the URL someone will type into a browser to access your blog or website. For example, mine is The first step of the checkout process is where you’ll choose your free domain name.

You have three options to choose from:

  1. Register a new domain (FREE)
  2. Transfer your domain
  3. I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers

If you don’t already own a domain name, you’ll want to choose option #1. By choosing option #1 PeoplesHost will cover the cost of your domain registration for the first year (a $12.29 value)! If you have an existing domain name registered somewhere else and wish to use that domain with your PeoplesHost account, you’ll want to choose either option 2 or 3.

Choose Your Domain Name
Select Your Domain

3. Choose Billing Cycle

After choosing your domain name, you’ll want to choose the billing cycle for your account. Remember, if you choose a 1 or 2 year billing cycle and use the coupon STYLELULLABY you’ll receive a 20% discount on your total in the last step of the checkout process!

Choose Billing Cycle
On the next step you’ll have the option to register your domain privately. I highly recommend privately registering your domain since this will hide your personal information from the public (keeps the spammers away!).Β PeoplesHost offers free domain privacy (ID Protection) for all new domain registrations.

Private Domain Registration
Review and Checkout
After you complete the checkout process and successfully submit your order, PeoplesHost will set up your web hosting account. You don’t have to have any technical skills either since PeoplesHost will setup WordPress at no additional cost for you!

Shortly after placing your order you will receive an email with your hosting account’s details and WordPress login credentials. Be sure to save this email and the contents within. You’ll need this information if you ever want to get into your server’s control panel or log into your account at PeoplesHost to submit a ticket, view your payments, or add-on more products to your account.

I hope you enjoyed this step by step “how to” guide. PeoplesHost goes above and beyond in helping their customers get started on the right track. They’re especially great in helping beginning bloggers and anyone using WordPress!

Get Started!

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