Serving Groovy Palm Springs Vibes in This $15 Skirt!


I still can’t believe my last fashion post was published in 2019. Where did the time go?!

Today, I am back to share one of my go-to summer looks this year. I scored this mini pencil skirt from TJ Maxx for only $15 – what a steal! Doesn’t it scream groovy Palm Springs vibes? This beauty is a wardrobe staple for me at the moment, as temperatures have been consistently over 100 degrees in the Coachella Valley.

The green pairs beautifully with bright orange as seen in my recent career update, and is cute with a white top too! When it’s this hot out, the last thing I want to think about is layering. This outfit is simple, yet appropriate for a casual girl’s brunch or a fun date night.

Since the shopping scene here is underwhelming as far as malls go, I do a lot of my shopping at Marshalls and TJ Maxx, if not online. I scored this white crop tee for under $10 and the nude heels for about $30 at Marshalls!

The sunglasses are from Target, but I’ve had them for a while now. So, they may not have the same exact style anymore. But I love checking Target often for sunglasses! They offer a chic variety at feel-good prices. It is nice being able to buy a few pairs of fashionable sunglasses without breaking the bank. This way, I can keep one in my car and another in David’s in case I forget to wear one out.

I’ll be 31 this year… cringe… a hard fact to swallow seeing as how I started this blog when I was 22! ANYWAYS… as I get older, I have been making a conscious effort to wear sunglasses when I’m outside. The desert sun is no joke and I’d like to prevent wrinkles around the eyes for as long as I can.

Since my return, I see that reels are where it’s at now on Instagram. This is honestly a major bummer for me because I’ll forever be a photo kinda gal… but alas, we must do what it takes to stay relevant, eh? Oh Instagram, why can’t you remain as a photo app instead of trying to take over TikTok? Speaking of TikTok… follow me on my new channel where I will share looks like this but in video format, and some behind-the-scenes of upcoming photoshoots!

What is your go-to summer outfit this year?

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