Fall-ing for All Things Olive


It’s so hard to believe that we just had our very last summer weekend of 2018! In less than a week, it will be officially fall… even though it feels far from that in Palm Springs. It is still well over 100 degrees during the day, but I’m thankful that we at least get cooler mornings and nights now. As I continue to transition my wardrobe for the new season, I’ve been adding a lot of olive green pieces. It’s such a staple color to wear during the cooler months! If you adore all things olive like me, you’ll LOVE my favorite picks in this shade for autumn πŸ™‚


For me, dresses aren’t just worn in summer – especially since it never really gets that cold here. On chillier days, I love layering dresses with leggings, boots, a cozy jacket, and maybe a scarf. In particular, I’m really digging military shirt dresses lately because they exude a bit of edge all the while maintaining femme vibes. I’ve said this before – I’ll seize any opportunity to not wear jeans or pants because they’re not always comfortable. Besides, dresses (especially maxis!) are just easier to throw on! Who’s with me?


I am a sucker for military jackets! Aside from that, I also love olive green cardigans, wool coats, and chunky knit sweaters. I can’t wait for it to cool down more so that I can bust out my outerwear pieces on the regular! The great thing about olive is that it’s neutral enough to wear with just about anything, but still adds a splash of color to an outfit that isn’t just your typical black, white, tan, or grey.


Living in Palm Springs, I know that it’s a true luxury to be able to wear dresses year-round. My friends in the East Coast and other parts of the world that have to endure harsh cold climates constantly remind me of this great perk of living in California (haha)! While jeans are not on the top of my list, I do love a good pair of distressed jeans – and one in olive couldn’t hurt. Olive jeans go really well with simple white tees and layer well with cardigans, sweaters, boots, sneakers, you name it!


In fall, I generally enjoy wearing booties with a bit of heel and over-the-knee boots. For a long day out exploring, I always make sure my feet are comfortable in a well-fitted pair of sneakers with ample support. My wardrobe is still missing a nice pair of olive green sneakers at the moment, and it’s certainly time to change that. I know that we’ll be out exploring a whole lot more once it cools down because we’ve been stuck at home for months now due to the excruciating heat.


Autumn is a great time to accessorize. While I can appreciate nice jewelry once in a while, I usually opt for other accessories on a day-to-day basis. When it’s cooler out, my go-to’s are hats and scarves. Both are so wearable, don’t feel too heavy on the body, and can really complete an outfit!

Are you an olive kind of gal? What are some favorite olive pieces that you own?

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58 Responses

  1. Olive is probably one of my favourite colours!! I love it on you because you have such an epic tan girl. Seriously loving everything you’ve picked here xxx

    Hope you’ve been well Sharon xx sending you love from Sydney girl.

    Helen xx

  2. During autumn, I can’t get enough of olive. I remember when I first started dating my fiancΓ©, he told me he didn’t like olive, and I said “oh well, because I’m wearing it anyways!” Haha! It suits my skin tone and my red hair color, and it’s just so pretty and versatile. It’s almost like a neutral!

    1. LOL! Good for you for wearing whatever you like, whenever you want! I don’t always listen to my boyfriend either when he says he doesn’t like something so I’m with you. Olive does go beautifully with your skin tone and gorgeous hair! xx

  3. I can’t belive summer is over neither. I wish is was all year long.
    I love the olive color and actually I been using it a lot since I’m doing some safaris en Africa and this color is on repeat on my outfits lol! Def is a must color during Fall.


    1. Haha right? Well, summer used to be my favorite season until I moved to Palm Springs… lol the summers here are unbearably hot but I do love the longer days. I’m looking forward to fall here now!

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