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A Recent Health Kick, Some Thoughts on Body Love & A Life Update!

Oh hello there! I promise I’m still alive – just took a little break from social media and the blog for a bit to recharge and focus on taking better care of myself the past month or so. As a content creator, it can be hard to not get caught up in work and not be on my phone 24/7. With that said, I really wanted to try putting my phone down and just live in the moment, something I hadn’t done in a long time. During my break, I checked Instagram minimally (this was hard at first but now that I’ve done it, I actually love not being glued to it), stressed about work less, worked on building face-to-face relationships, spent more quality time with my family, and got on a major health kick.


One Year in Palm Springs

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After graduating from UCSD, I moved around a lot. I stayed in San Diego for a bit where I met my now-partner, and then moved to LA to pursue modeling. Stuck around for two years, and went back and forth between my tiny room and David’s spacious condo in San Diego once we started dating. The third and final year in LA, David moved and we got our first apartment together.Β Fast forward to 2018… Facebook reminded me not long ago that it’s been one amazing year in good ol’ Palm Springs!


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