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A Recent Health Kick, Some Thoughts on Body Love & A Life Update!

Oh hello there! I promise I’m still alive – just took a little break from social media and the blog for a bit to recharge and focus on taking better care of myself the past month or so. As a content creator, it can be hard to not get caught up in work and not be on my phone 24/7. With that said, I really wanted to try putting my phone down and just live in the moment, something I hadn’t done in a long time. During my break, I checked Instagram minimally (this was hard at first but now that I’ve done it, I actually love not being glued to it), stressed about work less, worked on building face-to-face relationships, spent more quality time with my family, and got on a major health kick.


I Got a New Bike! (& Things to Consider When Buying a Cruiser)

Posted on Location: 4 m read

After moving into our new house, David and I talked about buying bikes to get around locally because our community is extremely beautiful and bike-friendly. We spent plenty of time shopping around and even buying bikes we ended up not happy with. It was so hard for me to choose one because I saw many pretty ones online that were Insta-worthy but when it came time to actually riding them, most were quite off in terms of practicality. Ultimately, I wanted a cruiser that was not only cute for photos, but also practical. At the end of the day, that’s what a bike is for, right? It’s supposed to take you around where you need to go, with ease!


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