My Recent Chanel Beauty Empties


If there’s one beauty brand that I’ve been loyal to since my early make-up days, it’s Chanel. Well, to be fair, you can’t go wrong with Chanel anything… but their beauty products have definitely remained consistently exceptional over the years. Last week, I had to make a Nordstrom trip to replenish part of my collection, and thought I’d share my recent Chanel beauty empties that I obviously love and swear by! I don’t know if it’s just me, but I have trouble throwing away empty bottles that are pretty. After I took my flatlay, my boyfriend had to ask me, “are these just empty bottles?!” Haha. I’m convinced that I’ll collect all my Chanel empties and make my own little art piece with them someday… not a terrible idea, right?

Perfection Lumière Velvet Foundation

The moment I started making my own money and affording my own make-up, I always invested in a quality foundation. Don’t get me wrong – drugstore make-up these days can be great. But, for someone with sensitive skin, I haven’t deviated from my norm that has worked well for me. I LOVE Chanel’s Perfection Lumière Velvet foundation for so many reasons. Firstly, it smells like HEAVEN! I don’t know how to describe the scent precisely, but it’s definitely not over-the-top. It’s elegant, light, and fresh. Just the way I like it! Next, it applies very well. Even on a trouble-skinned day, my more-than-usual application won’t appear caky or anything like that. People who meet me in real life often ask how my skin actually looks as great as it does in photos. This is my secret, honestly! I use the shade 70 beige in the summer when I’m darker, and throughout the year when I’m not as tan I mix a bit of the 50 beige with the 70 to create a seamless color match with my body! Living in a warm climate, having a velvet finish is really helpful. Dewy skin is attractive to an extent… but not when it becomes sweat as soon as you step out the door. This keeps my face looking relatively matte all day long even in 100+ degree weather, which is quite nice. I’ve already recommended this one to many of my friends and they’ve all had a wonderful experience with it as well.

Hydra Beauty Crème

My favorite face moisturizer of all time is Chanel’s Hydra Beauty Crème. Sure, there are many other moisturizers that I’m a fan of… but as far as a moisturizer that I’ve stayed loyal to for many years goes, this is it. Similar to the foundation, it smells divine. I love that it’s lightweight and doesn’t make me feel oily. A little bit goes a long way, so even though the carton appears small, it lasts me several months. I use both in the morning and at night after cleansing and applying toner! Good stuff – doesn’t break me out, and keeps my face feeling baby smooth and smelling nice at the same time.

Chance Eau Tendre


Okay, not exactly a BEAUTY product per se depending on how you look at it… but another favorite from the beauty department. Besides, a feminine fragrance always makes me feel more confident. I’ve been using this as my signature scent for years now, and haven’t gotten sick of it. It’s an eau de toilette, which means that the scent is not as strong as a parfum but is just enough to keep me smelling fresh all day long. While there are fragrances I enjoy from season to season, I always find myself coming back to this one when I’m debating which one I want to wear for the day.

In addition to these 3 favorites, I’m also a fan of other Chanel make-up products. I use their brushes, eyebrow pencil, and occasionally lip color as well. I must say that the price point is definitely higher than many other brand choices, but I truly believe that investing in quality make-up and skin care products is essential. In the long run, it’s worth it. If you’ve been thinking of making the switch to higher end beauty items, it’s never too late to start!

What are some of your recent beauty empties?

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50 Responses

  1. That eau tendre fragrance is one of my faves too! Definitely a classic. Can’t go wrong with Chanel beauty products. Have you tried their eye cream yet? I love it!

    1. I actually just got a sample of the eye cream on my last trip but I haven’t gotten a chance to try it yet. My La Mer one is close to empty now though, so I’ll be using that next. I’m sure that I won’t be disappointed!

    1. Same here! It’s so good. I’ve been wanting to try the other Chanel fragrances but just haven’t been able to bring myself to because I love this one so much hahaha

    1. Lol! I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one hahaha. I have a hard time throwing away pretty things even after they serve no more purpose lol

  2. I have never tried Chanel products but now that you mentioned how great it is for sensitive skin type is something I definitely need to try for my sensitive/dry skin! Thank you for sharing this information❤️

  3. I’ve never tried anything by Chanel – beauty, fashion, or otherwise! I’ve never felt like I could splurge that much, but maybe one day I’ll get a chance to sample these products and see what I think of them!

    1. Omg! You’re missing out haha. But I know what you mean – the price tags are a bit intimidating but I think for their beauty products it’s really not too bad, and you get what you pay for! You can always go up to the beauty counter and ask them for free samples before purchasing too! xx

    1. Haha those brands are great too but for foundation I definitely stick with Chanel because it has never failed me! Lol it’s also hard to match shades to my skin tone and since I already got the Chanel one down, I have been a bit too lazy to try new brands hahaha

  4. I actually never owned any Chanel products before but have heard amazing things – especially how much you stick by the foundation! Seeing that you have all these empties, it makes me want to go to the store right now and check it out! I’ve always been picky with foundation because of how heavy and cakey it makes my skin but YOU ARE FLAWLESS so if it works for you and that’s your holy grail then I HAVE TO JUMP ON THE TRAIN hehe! I feel like one of the empties that I always have is SK-II! I love their essence and I’m actually flat out of it right now LOL. If I had to recommend anything, it would be that 🙂

    With love, Jenn

    1. The foundation is a must-try if you’re looking to try one thing from Chanel’s beauty line! Soooo good haha seriously a game changer. I hate how other foundations make my skin look caky but this one definitely doesn’t, even on days I have to use a bit more. I’ve heard great things about SK-II and the wonderful anti-aging benefits, so I’ll have to give that one a try soon! I know it’ll be good because your skin is amazing. Seriously flawless like a baby’s! Haha. Thanks for sharing darling <3 xx

    1. The foundation for sure! It’s irreplaceable in my book, even though I’ve had decent experiences with other foundations as well. I’ve just always found myself coming back to this one though! xx

    1. Oooohhh! I haven’t tried that one yet. I specifically like the velvet because my skin gets oily really easily and especially living out in the desert I sweat a lot. I need all the matte I can get! Hahaha

  5. I hear so many great things about Chanel products (obviously) but I don’t really own that many myself.. I’d love to try the skincare products and the foundation! I also have somewhat sensitive skin so I’m very picky with what I use.
    xo Samantha

    1. So good! Lucky you – your mom has great taste! 😉 I remember saving up all my hard-earned money in high school/college to afford it myself!

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