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I firmly believe in the saying, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” With that said, I normally don’t switch up my makeup products too often. Once I find something that works, I tend to stick with it. Every now and then though, I do enjoy trying new things – especially the ones that many people rave about. As a content creator, I’m blessed to have plenty of PR companies and beauty brands send me their latest & greatest to try out. It has been a while since I’ve written about my makeup routine, so I wanted to pop in and share with you some of my current faves!

If you’ve been following along since the early days, you’ll know that my go-to foundation has always been Chanel’s Perfection Lumiรจre Velvet. Matte foundation is a must for me because I get shiny easily. Living in the desert has only exacerbated this issue. I love that this foundation smells delightful, is lightweight, and gives decent coverage. It doesn’t break me out like a lot of other foundations do. For the longest time, I seriously thought I had found “the one” as far as foundations go. Recently though, my makeup game totallyย CHANGED. Too Faced sent me a few of their Born This Way concealers, foundation in “Honey,” and a setting powder. I immediately FELL IN LOVE. Before I go on, I must clarify that while I get a ton of gifted items, there are only a handful I truly recommend. These products are way up at the top!

Let me tell you – I couldn’t believe there was a foundation that could make my skin literally FLAWLESS. It’s as if Photoshop became reality. Ever since trying these T0o Faced products, I don’t think I will ever turn back. Their concealers are actually thick enough to conceal my stubborn dark circles, and are great at hiding imperfections like acne scars and discoloration. The foundation completely tops it off and provides an extremely even coverage without feeling caky. Last but not least, the setting powder gives me that matte finish that I like. Even David is impressed because skin editing just got a whole lot easier. Not that I have terrible skin to begin with… but I’m a perfectionist.

Another well-loved Too Faced product that I purchased myself at Sephora is their Chocolate Soleil bronzer. A makeup artist had recommended this gem to me and it’s worked out fairly well. It smells like chocolate (yummmm) and applies on nicely. The only down side is, I wish it was a tad darker because I have to layer on quite a bit of this bronzer to see the bronze effect. I guess it’s best suited for lighter skin tones but can work on golden skin tones too if you layer it on correctly. If anyone out there has bronzer recommendations for tan skin, I’m all ears.

Many people ask me what highlighter I use, and it is Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop. I’ve repurchased this one many times. It’s actually the only highlighter I’ve really used, and I haven’t found another that’s been better. Since I get so many compliments on it, I don’t have plans to venture out & find another highlighter to try.

For eye makeup, you can never go wrong with Urban Decay. They have some of the best eyeshadows out there – perfectly pigmented, and versatile shades! I am particularly a fan of their Naked palette. I heard that they are discontinuing it which makes me SUPER SAD! ๐Ÿ™ Someone please tell me it isn’t true. Anyways, Urban Decay recently came out with a cherry palette, and I can’t wait to wear more burgundy tones around the holidays! ๐Ÿ™‚ As far as eyeliner & mascara products go, I haven’t been too picky becauseย I’ve experienced that they serve their purposes similarly all across the board. The COVERGIRL pencil liners and liquid liners work beautifully on me. I often alternate between black and brown; black if I want a more dramatic smokey look, and brown if I want to look more natural.

Normally, you’ll see me wear a pretty neutral pink or nude lippie. These days though, I’ve been loving deeper and darker tones. I haven’t gone quite as far as wearing plum lipstick, but I’ve developed a newfound appreciation for a bold red lip. Not Taylor Swift’s signature red lip, but one with more burgundy tones. I’ve found that with a good lip liner, I can really work it to my advantage and make my already plump lips look even plumper! Some of my favorite lip products are by NARS & Urban Decay.

With a setting powder, a setting spray isn’t totally necessary in my opinion. But, I’ve been a fan of Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray for a while now. I was first gifted it late last year and have been using it since! If you’re a fan of a dewier look, you’ll love this. On days that aren’t too hot and I want to have a bit more of a glow rather than a straight-up matte finish, I’ll spritz a bit of this on. It works wonders in setting my makeup for the day. Feels refreshing on, too!

What are some makeup products & brands you’re loving this fall?

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  1. much like you, when i find something i love i don’t stray away from it. but! i’ve been wanting to try out new products lately and i have my eye on that bronzer! i might have to pick one up and try it for myself ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I swear by that All Nighter spray! It’s sooooo good and I’m already on my 3rd bottle haha. Need to try those Too Faced products you’ve recommended – sounds lovely!

    1. So glad that you’re a fan of the All Nighter Spray as well! I’m sure you’ll love the Too Faced products as much as I do – it still blows my mind how amazing the concealer & foundation is hahaha

  3. Thank you for sharing. I’ve heard many great things about the TooFace foundation, but haven’t tried it yet. I’m loving hourglass and Charlotte Tilburry lipsticks.

    1. Oh really? Why is it bad to use TALC powder on your face? I have never heard of that before. So far my skin hasn’t reacted badly to the foundation and I’m pleased with the result it gives as far as coverage goes. Need to do more research on this – thanks for sharing!

  4. I actually recently discovered Too Faced products and I am a fan! I really have to try their foundation because your skin looks amazing close up too and I definitely need a flawless finish! I am so excited to try it! I also love how your highlighter pops. Need to get that Becca one. A lot of these brands are some of my favs as well including Urban Decay, Maybelline mascara, etc. Thanks for sharing your makeup routine!

    Christine |

    1. I’m so happy to hear that you’re a fan too! I really recommend that Becca highlighter – one of my absolute favorite makeup products of all time! Maybelline mascara has worked wonders for me too ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Thanks for sharing with us your beauty faves! I used to use Chanel foundatino as well, but switched over to Giorgio Armani Luminous silk foundation cause it just applies so much more smoothly to me. I’ve also heard great things about Too Faced Born this Way foundation so it’s about time that I give it a try as well for photoshoot days. I also really like the Tarte tape contour concealer though. Lately, I’ve been opting out foundation and just using this concealer alone to spot conceal. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Ooohhh! I’ve heard great things about the Georgio Armani one too – but my friend switched over from that one to the Chanel one LOL. Similar to me she prefers a more matte look but she told me the GA one was a bit more dewy. Do you prefer the dewy look? ๐Ÿ™‚ The Born This Way foundation is certainly amazing for photoshoots and I definitely recommend giving it a try ๐Ÿ™‚ I have not tried Tarte’s tape concealer but that sounds really intriguing – will definitely have to look into it. Thanks for the rec babe! xx

  6. I tried the Born this Way Foundation from Too Faced and I loooooove it so much!!! I want to try the Too Faced Powder as well. I heard a lot of things about it!

  7. My make-up palette is Urban Decay as well, I would never choose anything else. I love the range of colors and the quality of them. I have tried the mascara from Too Faced and I was impressed, definitely one of the best out there.

    1. Yay! Urban Decay really does make the best eyeshadow palettes. I have not yet tried Too Faced’s mascara but I’ve heard amazing things about it! Will have to try it next time my current one runs out ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I love fall colors for makeup! I too usually will stay with something once I find a brand or product I love, but at the same time I have had trouble finding something that I actually want to stick with. I will usually finish what I buy (unless I absolutely hate it) but jump around with products quite a bit. The last one I absolutely fell in love with got discontinued, and it has been a struggle since. I may have to try some of these out, though!

    1. I am the same way! I don’t like to waste makeup unless I absolutely hate it, but that’s also why I rarely ever branch out to try new things because once I find something that works, I don’t usually stray away from it lol! I’m so sad that the UD palette I use regularly is getting discontinued! D:

  9. Holy moly, your skin and makeup are flawless! You seriously need to be hired by Covergirl, because I want to buy this makeup and I’m like you… I don’t mix it up. Ever. Once it works, I stick to it. That said, I’m loving this and am tempting to try something new.

  10. I have been using Urban Decay eyeshadow since then and it has really great colors. I just love Urban Decay and their product.

  11. Intense list of make up products and at a reasonable price compared to the other brands in the market. THe neutral pink nude lippie looks the perfect match for you. SOmething I might love to give a try !!!

  12. I also believe that if things arenโ€™t broken you donโ€™t need to fix them! I havenโ€™t tried the born this way foundation but heard amazing things about it. And I absolutely love the all nighter setting spray ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. That all Nighter spray is one of my favorites! The UD eyeshadow palette was my first high end eye shadow palette and still love it!

  14. I really want to try the UD Cherry palette as it looks so gorgeous! Also want to try the Too Faced Solei bronzer and this post it making me want them even more haha. Have you tried the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara? It’s incredible!

    1. You should totally give those a try! I have not tried the Better Than Sex mascara but it’s been on my list of things to try! I have no doubts that I’ll love it because I love Too Faced products now hahaha ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you for the recommendation.

  15. Oh my gosh, Becca came our with a set of mini highlighters… needless to say I’m obsessed! They always have the best highlighters. Plus the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil is such a classic bronzer. So perfect for all skin tones. Such a great round up, and I can definitely see why these products are your favs!

    xoxo Bryanna

  16. I wish I had experienced the same as you with the Born This Way foundation. I tried it several times and found that it separated like crazy on my skin and almost looked patchy – no matter which primer I put beneath it. So sad! I know so many people who love it. Guess ya gotta already have flawless skin for it to look good ๐Ÿ˜‰ But I’ll definitely agree with you on the Urban Decay products. Those palettes and products are always a win for me!

    1. Whatttt really?! I’m so sorry that the Born This Way foundation didn’t work for you! Have you tried Chanel’s Perfection Lumiere Velvet foundation? Maybe that one might work better for you! I LOVE that one as well and would have kept using it if BTW didn’t work well for me. It has a matte finish which is great if you have combo / oily skin. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I love Urban Decay’s setting spray! I think it works so well. Thanks for sharing your favorite beauty products! I’m definitely adding a few new ones to my list of products to try.

    xo, Laura

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