Beauty Stash Refresh: New Faves from Amazon!

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What better time for a beauty stash refresh than after a deep bathroom Spring cleaning? Amazon is one of my favorite places to shop for just about everything because their shipping is so quick with a Prime membership. It’s totally worth every penny if you don’t have one already! I used to visit places like Ulta and Sephora for my makeup and skincare items. These days, I’d much rather do all my shopping online and have everything delivered to me in a day or two haha! Here are some recent Amazon beauty buys that I’m super excited to share with you guys πŸ™‚beauty faves

envyuskin tan

EnvyU Skincare’s Loofah Scrubs

About two months ago, I discovered EnvyU Skincare after seeing the Itsines sisters rave about it. I learned that it’s actually their friend, Lenny, who owns this vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free skincare line. Lenny is an absolute sweetheart and her all-natural loofah scrubs are amazing! It’s basically soap on one side, and loofah scrub on the other. I’m one of those people who feel like I’m not properly cleansing if I’m not exfoliating regularly. Using these every day leaves me feeling squeaky clean all the time!

Lenny recommended the “extra strength” and “collagen” bars for my skin concerns. I use the “extra strength” bar at night to fight acne, reduce redness, and overall, cleanse my skin. This bar can be used as an overnight mask as well to treat stubborn pimples and redness. Surprisingly, it does not feel sticky at all; rather, once it dries on the skin it feels velvety smooth! I literally noticed an immediate difference the next morning after using it as a mask. Pimple inflammation and redness were significantly reduced, and older pimples totally gone. Newer pimples flattened out overnight, and after a couple of uses, totally disappeared. In the mornings, I start my day with the “collagen” bar, which has helped to smooth fine lines and give a youthful appearance. All the bars are safe for every day and full-body use. For my body, I’ve used “Vanish Envy” and “Bikini Envy” bars so far. “Vanish Envy” is ideal for those who self-tan often because it’s designed to help remove old tan, and prep you for a fresh tan the next day.

I am all about using gentle products that don’t contain toxins and chemicals that may be harmful to my body. So glad I found EnvyU! Lenny recently made her products available for purchase on Amazon (prior, she only sold them on her website). If you’re looking for instant gratification and gorgeous skin, I definitely recommend giving these soaps a try. There are a bunch of different ones, and each are tailored to various skin concerns. I got one of each and am excited to try them all!

EnvyU Skincare’s Self-Tanning Foam in Express Dark

In addition to EnvyU Skincare soaps, I am obsessed with Lenny’s self-tanning foam! I’ve been a loyal fan of Bondi Sands for a while – and don’t get me wrong, still am! BUT, I must say I’m very impressed with EnvyU tan as well. I have naturally olive skin and use the Express Dark. EnvyU also offers a lighter formula for those who are more fair-skinned and not looking to go super dark.

Firstly, this tanning foam smells like CHOCOLATE. YUM!!! This is sorta a big deal.

Self-tanners have a reputation for smelling terrible so I’m glad that this formula is exactly the opposite. Similar to Bondi Sands’ tanning foam, it has a slightly green base upon application, but it’s honestly not bad at all. As long as I stick with one coat, I can apply tanner on in the morning and not feel weird going out and about with the tan developing under loose clothing while I run my errands. If you’re a night-time tanner, you’ll be delighted to know that it feels totally dry to the touch. This is huge for me because there’s honestly nothing better than getting beauty sleep without feeling sticky, and waking up looking like a bronzed goddess.

Typically, I rinse off at the 6-8 hour mark and am left with a deep but natural, gorgeous bronze! With proper care, the tan lasts about a week. This is pretty standard for any self-tanner currently on the market. I especially love that this mousse is all natural and fortified with ingredients like organic aloe vera & Vitamin B5 which are beneficial for the skin. I truly feel at ease tanning, never worrying about sun damage, skin cancer, or hidden nasties that may be detrimental to my health in the long run. I alternate between HEMPZ Herbal Body Moisturizer and Bondi Sands’ gradual tanning milk to hydrate and maintain my glow during the week until it’s time for a new tan.

Tanning Tip: Refrain from leaving the tan on for longer than 8 hours. The green base in this tanner is designed to prevent orange hues but over-saturation is always a possibility.

Facial Steamer

One of my favorite models, Jocelyn Chew, recently published a skincare routine vlog on her YouTube channel. She recommended adding facial steaming to any beauty routine and shared the super relaxing effects. At the time, I was going through major stress over a potential hernia that my doctor misdiagnosed me. I could really use some self-lovin’!

The steamer I bought comes with 3 useful functions. Obviously, there’s the main function of a facial steamer, but it can also be used as a humidifier and a towel warmer. The wake of Spring has plagued me with horrible allergies, so having a humidifier in the room when I’m not steaming my face is a big bonus! Sometimes when I get headaches and want a warm compress over my eyes or forehead, it’s convenient to heat up a moist small towel.

This spa-grade facial steamer comes with a set of what looks like surgical tools to remove blackheads. They look super intimidating and the few times I attempted to use them, I didn’t have much luck. Mine are tough to remove because they are small, smooth, and underneath the skin’s surface. Some days I wish they were big, fat, and juicy so I could easily pop them with my fingers haha! Any blackhead removal tips are welcomed πŸ˜‰

Facial & Full-Body Silicone Cupping Set

Another recommendation by Jocelyn in her skincare routine vlog was facial cupping therapy. If you haven’t tried it yet, you MUST! I can’t believe I’m only just now starting, but better late than never. She only mentioned cupping for the face, but I actually got a full set for both the face and body. The set comes with two sets of smaller cups – one for the face and one specifically for the eye areas. It also comes with two medium sized cups and one bigger cup; these are suitable for use on the body. The cups work really nicely on the skin to get the blood circulating. The suction is just strong enough for you to feel the effect, without leaving weird marks or bruises behind. After cupping for about 5 minutes or so, my skin appears rosy flush and plump.

Lately, I’ve been trying to steam my face and do cupping afterward 2-3x a week, along with my choice of at-home facial. Not only is this whole process super relaxing, my skin is radiantly glowing as if I just walked out of the esthetician’s office afterwards – for a fraction of the cost! For the face, I cup it with Drunk Elephant’s marula oil, and for the body, I use either coconut oil or another suitable body massage oil. Body cupping has been alleviating my sore muscles and boosting my recovery from resistance training! Long-term cupping has been shown to prevent cellulite, promote collagen production, and encourage healthy blood flow.

Derma Roller

My friends & family know that I’m pretty anti-Botox and any cosmetic procedures that are invasive to my body… BUT I’m also very anti-aging. It’s a tough battle but I am determined to never get Botox in my life, as silly as it sounds! I hate needles but have begun adding derma-rolling into my skincare routine. I had heard many great things about derma rollers and how they can improve skin dramatically (i.e. fade old acne marks, scars, stretch marks, etc.) and help fight aging. Honestly, I started about 5 years ago but was never consistent with it. Now that I’m getting closer to 30, I feel the need to be more proactive with my skincare if I want to avoid procedures like Botox and fillers.

Essentially, derma-rolling offers similar results to Botox but is much less invasive and not as painful. Best of all, it can be done at home and you can apply whatever pressure you feel you can tolerate to start, and work your way deeper into the skin. While derma rollers are made with a bunch of tiny needles, the procedure actually doesn’t hurt as much as expected on the face or body. It’s just a little sensitive around the eye area.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

To maximize derma-rolling results, it’s recommended that you use a serum or oil that is beneficial to your skin, depending on your concerns. Derma-rolling essentially helps with the absorption of whatever it is you apply, amplifying the effects of that oil or serum. Personally, I’ve been derma-rolling with a hyaluronic acid serum. Hyaluronic acid may be a good choice if you are new to the derma-rolling space and don’t know where to begin. It doesn’t burn like a Vitamin C serum might for some. If you have old acne scars, hyaluronic acid speeds up the healing, fading these marks much faster than they would fade on their own. It is suitable for sensitive skin, and hydrates well while making the skin feel tight immediately after application. Hyaluronic acid also creates a plumping effect, ironing out fine lines and wrinkles.

Facial Hair Removal Rotary Shaver

Pain is something I do not manage well and avoid at all costs. That being said, waxing is not my preferred method of hair removal. Laser hair removal gets tedious and expensive after a while! While I usually shave my body hairs, I find it a bit risky to do that on the face. So, I invested in a hair removal rotary shaver that does a wonderful job removing peach fuzz on the face, with no razors! Yay for no nicks and cuts. I’m thinking of getting a bigger one for the body so I don’t ever have to risk cutting myself in the shower! It can be conveniently used on dry skin, eliminating the need for unnecessary mess and shaving cream.

Did you know? Makeup sits so much better on hairless skin! After running the rotary shaver all over my face, I found that my primer, foundation, blush, bronzer, and highlighter all glided on much more smoothly. It’s amazing how these little things in a skincare routine add up substantially!

beauty faves

What are some of your recent favorite beauty buys?

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94 Responses

    1. Omg tell me about it! Lol I had to get them all! I am going to try the green tea one after I finish my collagen one πŸ™‚ If you decide to try any, I’d love to know how you like them!

    1. I am so glad to hear that, Vincent! You’re so right – these would make wonderful gift ideas and best of all, can be ordered easily with a couple clicks on Amazon. Happy shopping!

  1. Amazon Prime is the way to go for sure! They also offer a beauty box as well. I know my oldest daughter uses that all the time. I will have to pass these recommendations her way. I know we have the Nano Steamer in my house and the girls swear by it.

    1. Ooooohhh! I need to look into their beauty box! I’m pretty particular about my beauty staples but every now and then, I do enjoy trying out new products. Thank you for letting me know about it πŸ™‚

    1. Okay so I seriously need to try that green tea loofah! I love the facial steamers though. I’ve never used one but this would be great for spa-like treatments at home, especially since this mama doesnt get spa days.

    2. I think you’ll really love it, Mary! I can’t wait to try the green tea loofah. These loofahs have lasted me a while luckily, so I’m still working on my collagen & extra strength ones! I went through the Vanish Envy bar pretty quickly though as I’ve been self-tanning regularly through the cold months. Glad that it’s warming up now, and I can get a little bit of sun! Honestly, I really love at-home spa days and prefer them over an esthetician’s office (though I probably will have to go in to get blackheads extracted soon). So nice being able to do everything from the comfort of my own bathroom with my dogs around haha πŸ˜›

  2. I saw that you had raved about EnvyU’s skincare range a while back on Instagram and glad that you’ve decided to share more! I am tempted to try their products knowing that they are not only all-natural and safe for full body use, but especially because of how well they’ve worked for you. You always have a gorgeous glow and beautiful skin! Thanks for sharing these products. I’m about to embark on another Amazon shopping spree…

    1. Yes! When I saw that their products were all-natural, it really piqued my interest πŸ™‚ I also love that everything is very reasonably priced too!

    1. Thank you Lene! Yes, I didn’t think that I’d love having a facial steamer at home so much, but I do! Haha it’s a nice way to unwind and treat my skin to something nice at the same time πŸ˜‰

  3. Omg I am terrified of needles too! I’ve heard about dermarolling but have been too scared to try it. It’s good to know that it isn’t too painful though! Perhaps I ought to give it a try since like you, I don’t see myself getting Botox 😬

    1. I think derma-rolling is a great alternative. I have heard that the earlier you start, the more benefits you reap from it – almost like it’s a good preventative measure for anti-aging. So here’s to hoping I can stay looking youthful and radiant forever without any invasive procedures haha!

    1. I don’t use regular loofahs anymore, nor do I buy soaps or face wash because the EnvyU loofah scrubs are literally all-in-one, and do a wonderful job. I’m saving so much room in my bathroom too, which I love!

  4. I am always on the hunt for good beauty buys and you have given me some really great options to consider. I am especially intrigued by tanning foam that smells like chocolate. OMG, sign me up!

  5. I could certainly use that collagen bar to help smooth out wrinkles and keep my skin looking healthier. Plus, that loofah sounds awesome! I need some pampering stash.

  6. I would be needing a new facial steamer soon. Mine is close to “retirement.” haha. A nice loofah sponge would be nice to have too! Thanks for your recommendations.

  7. I absolutely love the idea of a facial steamer. Being able to use one in the comfortably of your own home is amazing!

  8. Okay I definitely gotta get on board with the chocolate-scented tanner, the facial steamer, and the cupping for cellulite (my cellulite is outta hand, man). You always find the coolest products!

  9. Does it sound silly that it’s my first time to hear about derma rollers? lol. I learned so much from this post and can’t wait to get the facial steamer!

    1. Haha not at all! I actually just met a girl this weekend who also was like “what’s derma-rolling?” when I casually brought it up hahaha you learn something new everyday!

  10. Those loofahs look awesome! I want to get a facial steamer, after having the girl use one on my face when I went to get a facial and it did wonders.

  11. Okay all these goodies sound amazing, but hand me the facial steamer and the self-tanner that smells like chocolate.

  12. I think I need these things right now. Because as my wedding day gets nearer, my skin breaks out more often. And I can’t afford having rough skin on my day.

    1. I can totally understand that babe! Nobody would want rough skin on their big day. I know it must be hard but try not to stress too much! Stress causes pimples πŸ™ you’ll be beautiful! xx

    1. Hahahaha YES! If I didn’t have my boyfriend to help me tan my back I would totally invest in one of those back applicators. Lol. I decided to add it into the mix here because the other day a girl asked me how I tan my back regularly! The back applicator is definitely the next best thing if you don’t have someone to help πŸ˜‰

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