12 Lip Tints You Need in Your Makeup Bag Now

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Originally a hit in Korea, lip tints have become widespread and popular in the United States over the years – for a multitude reasons. In my younger years of wearing makeup, I loved traditional lip gloss – no matter how sticky it was. Somehow, I was just obsessed with how the gloss looked on my lips, as it gave a much fuller appearance. As I got older, I couldn’t be bothered by my hair getting stuck in the gloss or just feeling sticky all the time. Lipsticks are often drying to my lips, so I’ve always steered clear from those whenever possible. I also didn’t like how the color would often transfer onto my teeth. Once I was introduced to lip tints, my whole lip game changed!


When it comes to lippies, I typically prefer neutrals. I like just a bit of color to make me look fresh & done up, but nothing too out there. I’m still having some trouble getting used to the bold red lip on me, to be honest! I love that lip tints come in a variety of colors, are readily available at multiple price points to suit any budget, and do not get all over my teeth when I talk or eat! Right now, I’m using Revlon’s Kiss Cushion Lip Tint in “Pretty Kiss” and I’m totally in love. I can’t believe how affordable it is too! I got it for under $10 at Ulta, and I’ve been using it just about everyday. It glides on beautifully like a lipstick+lip gloss+lip balm trio as far as texture goes, and over the course of the day, it turns into a lip stain. This means I can eat and wipe my lips without necessarily removing the color! Not having to touch up my lips every couple hours is amazing, and not having my lips peel from dryness is another big perk. I’m so glad that I finally found a good middle ground as far as lippies go. Essentially a lip balm with color that doesn’t transfer, is long-lasting and nourishing – what more can I ask for?

If you haven’t jumped on the lip tint bandwagon yet, I highly recommend checking out the 12 lip tints below that I personally love. They’re also highlyย raved about in the beauty world. You can thank me later ๐Ÿ˜‰

Are you a lip tint, lipstick, lip gloss, or lip balm person?

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  1. Revlon’s lippies never disappoint! It’s my first time hearing about their Kiss Cushion lip tints though – will have to grab a few next time I go to Target :O can’t wait!

    1. So true! Glad to introduce a new line to you – you’ll love the Kiss Cushion lip tints! The applicator is soooo soft haha they have it at Ulta too fyi xx

  2. This post is giving me life! I was in the hunt of some lip tints because I don’t like the feeling of something heavy in the face/lips during the summer months, so thank you!

    1. Their lip tints are amazing! I love how lightweight they are – perfect for summer, without compromising color and the moisturizing factor. Living in the desert, hydration is a must!

  3. I had no idea that lip tints originated in Korea! I love a good lip tint. Neutrals are my favorite too!

    1. I didn’t either, but it makes sense because when I went to Korea a few years back I saw that everyone used lip tints over lipsticks and lip glosses!

    1. You will LOVE pretty kiss then! It’s so gorgeous – I literally can’t go out the door without putting it on, even on days I’m wearing no makeup.

  4. I have THE hardest time with lipstick, for those same exact reasons. And I hate having to use lip balm in the winter or even now. So I think I need to try these lip tints. I love the color youโ€™re wearing in the first pic, I think Iโ€™ll try that one for starters! You always keep us posted on the best stuff !! Love it!

    1. I totally understand girl! Lip tints are nice because they moisturize your lips as lip balms would, but also give you a bit of color too! I’m wearing “Pretty Kiss” from Revlon’s Kiss Cushion line in both photos ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

    1. Thanks Christina! The Revlon Kiss Cushion lip tints are amazing. I got the Pretty Kiss to try, fell in love, and I’ll be going back to Target to stock up on a few more colors before they sell out as they are a hit right now!

    1. Haha I must be using the wrong lipsticks then, because they are so drying to my lips! So, lip tints are a good alternative for me. The Dior one is amazing!

  5. I’m a huge fan of those Saint Laurent lip stains! You can never go wrong with them. Elf lip stains are great too, they work wonders for that price!

    1. I’m glad you love the Saint Laurent lip tints! They are really good, and I couldn’t agree more about e.l.f. – they’ve always offered quality makeup at affordable price points!

  6. These are gorgeous!! I really love neutral tones too. Every now and then a good bold lip color is fun, but for every day wear neutral is the way to go in my book!

  7. I am a huge lip product type of gal so thank you for sharing these tints with me! I love a good product that hydrates my lips but gives me a hint of color so Iโ€™ll definitely check these recommendations out!

    1. So glad that you’re a fan too, Kelly! I totally agree with you – I am a low-maintenance kind of gal when it comes to makeup, and love that I don’t need to touch up throughout the day with lip tints, especially the Revlon Kiss Cushion one ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. And yes!!! I love lip tints. Especially k-beauty ones like tony moly and the SAEM.

    Also, I love all your pics. Do you have a post on how you take and edit them?

    1. Ooohh I haven’t tried Tony Moly or SAEM, I’ve heard great things about SAEM though. I shall search for their lip tints and give them a try. Thanks for your recommendation.

      You’re so kind, thank you! For photos of me in it, my boyfriend usually takes and edits them on Photoshop & Lightroom. As for other photos like location or flatlay shots, I have created two posts that you might find helpful:
      My favorite apps for curating the perfect Instagram feed – https://www.stylelullaby.com/lifestyle/my-favorite-apps-for-curating-the-perfect-instagram-feed/
      Elements that make up a perfect flatlay photo – https://www.stylelullaby.com/lifestyle/elements-perfect-flat-lay-photo/ (This post is older so you’ll notice that the photo style has changed immensely but the tips still stand! I’ll have to do an updated version of it soon hehe)

      Thanks for stopping by Juliet! xo

  9. I love these photos! I agree, lip tints are perfect to throw in your purse before leaving the house. Having even some subtle color on your lips makes a huge difference with your look ๐Ÿ™‚
    xo Samantha

  10. I’m such a sucker for a good lip tint. I prefer them over lipsticks or glosses – and now I have some fun ideas of what to try! Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

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