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I’m Sharon & I am the content creator and digital marketer behind Style Lullaby, working alongside my partner David of DCP Photographer. We reside in the beautiful and sunny Palm Springs, California with our growing exotic family.

In 2014, we became proud parents to a glorious Chinese water dragon named Babadook Potter. After Babadook, our family grew with 4 more lizards (Zeus the green basilisk, Argus the madagascar day gecko — or better known as the “geico lizard,” and two leopard geckos named Loki & Snow)… AND 2 very adorable pugs – S’mores & Rolly.

While we’re still on the subject of animals: A lot of people ask me why Style Lullaby’s logo is a sheep. Sheep are actually my favorite animals and it’s top on my bucketlist to own one in the future!

Here’s our most recent family photo taken holiday 2017 πŸ˜‰

Growing up, I was always pretty girly — even as a little girl. I think my mom hated it. Some things I’ve loved practically all my life include nail polish, high heels, and feminine silhouettes, to name a few. I was born and raised in Northern California, but moved to San Diego in 2010 to attend the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) where I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications. Since then, I’ve fallen deeply in love with sunny SoCal! After graduation, I moved to LA to pursue modeling under agency contract, which really helped me discover my true passion for fashion. Since I’ve always enjoyed writing, I decided to combine the two… and that’s howΒ Style Lullaby was born! It’s the perfect outlet for me to share my personal style, beauty tips, life adventures, and so much more — sprinkled with my love for desert living of course. I hope you’ll enjoy & come back often! xx

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