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Hope everyone had an amazing week! Today, I’m doing something a little different on the blog and taking a break from my typical posts. Style Lullaby will be 3 years old this September, and I’ve just realized I have never done a Q&A yet. Many of you have asked me questions throughout my blogging journey, so I figure it’s about time, right?

Earlier this week, I gave everyone on Instagram an opportunity to ask me anything! Special thanks to those who asked such thought-provoking questions. There were so many I had to narrow down to my top 25… so please don’t be hurt if I missed yours! Some of the questions were redundant so I’ve tried my best to consolidate them. Let’s get personal 🙂

  1. What got you into lizards?
    Lol! Honestly, I was never into lizards until like, 2.5 years ago. My boyfriend was dying to get a Chinese water dragon and adopted Babadook on a whim. At the time, we didn’t live together, so I just sort of had to deal with it. Then, when he was moving to LA to be with me, he was going to get rid of him because he was hard to transport. He is right — lizards are hard to transport not only because they get stressed out by the smallest things like moves, but also because their enclosures are super heavy. Anyway, it was then I realized I had actually grown super attached to Babadook. I cried and cried… and would not let David give him away! As cheesy as it sounds, he’s like my first son, since I never experienced having any pets before. Now, he’s almost 3 years old (in April) and tripled in size. We just upgraded his enclosure and couldn’t be more excited!
  2. How did you get started with blogging?
    In 2013, I graduated from UCSD and moved to LA after being offered a contract with a modeling agency in Beverly Hills. I modeled for 2 years, and towards the end of the second year, I decided I no longer wanted to be an empty canvas. Modeling has its perks and can be fun, but it can also be demeaning other times. I guess every job has its pros and cons, but I never felt like it was a “meant to be” career for me. I mean, what would I do after my modeling days are over? My brother then encouraged me to start a fashion blog where I can share my love for fashion, beauty, and other things in my life. He got everything set up for me and I was able to just start writing, which was really nice! In addition to taking pictures and all things fashion & beauty, I also love to write… so the blog is the perfect outlet for all three!
  3. Who takes your photos and what do you use to edit?
    When I first started blogging, I worked with a number of different photographers. Now, my boyfriend takes all my photos! This year, I’m really trying to build on consistency. He also edits my photos because I don’t really have advanced editing skills… and all I know is that he uses the many complex functions of Photoshop and Lightroom.
  4. How do you stay inspired?
    I have my days… haha. But, I am very lucky to get to do what I love for a living, so there’s that! Not many can say that their career is fulfilling them. While being a freelancer can be extremely difficult, I always manage to pull through. It’s my passion to share with others my favorite finds and styles. I also look up to a number of other bloggers and style icons for inspiration. Annabelle Fleur of Viva Luxury is my favorite! I love her style and the way she edits her photos.
  5. How did you start pitching to brands & working with them?
    Honestly, this stage of blogging is somewhat of a blur to me. When I first started Style Lullaby, it was more of a creative outlet for me to blog about whatever I wanted. Over time, I found the opportunity to monetize and of course, couldn’t pass it up! I guess from that point, I made note of all the brands I personally love and would keep an eye out for opportunities to work with them! It also helps to have connections as I’ve had a few who have helped me land my favorite gigs.
  6. How do you keep your skin so radiant and flawless?
    Again, I have my days, but as I get older, I’m investing more in quality skin care products. I recently shared my latest beauty favorites in case you missed that! Also, staying hydrated is super important.
  7. Your favorite jean brand?
    American Eagle! They have size 00! It’s so hard to find jeans that fit me so I am actually pretty particular about brands in this department.
  8. How do you find a balance between work and personal life?
    Believe it or not, I actually struggle with this one, but have been taking measures to change that. It’s especially hard when you are the biggest homebody known to man, and work from home full-time. There couldn’t be a more perfect combination, right? Told you I’m really blessed to do what I love! Last year, I literally blogged every day for most of the year. Somewhere down the line, I realized that I was getting burnt out. I wasn’t having much of a life outside of blogging. I was neglecting my boyfriend, and we spent most of our time shooting for the blog or talking about it. Earlier this year, we rescued a 4-year-old pug dog that we named S’mores, from a local shelter. He has been requiring a lot more of my attention. Ever since he joined our family, we’ve been having nice family walks. David and I put in more effort to cook together, and I make time to go out and have girl time with my best friend. It’s the little things, but they all make such a big difference. Balance is key to success!
  9. How do you share your love for your pets? Does one require more attention than the others, and do you think they get jealous?
    The other day, David asked me if I had a favorite, and naturally, I said Babadook. To be fair though, I think it’s because I’ve had him the longest and have really built a connection with him. I do love my pug S’mores and my latest addition, Zeus the basilisk dearly too, though. They all have different personalities. As for attention, of course, S’mores is pretty up there. He’s got to have his daily walk 2-3 times a day, and David and I can’t leave him at home alone for more than 6 hours at a time. The one time we were hanging out with my best friend for 8 hours, we had him in our bathroom, our bathroom somehow flooded, and well… as you can imagine, it was not a pretty sight when we got back. I’m not too sure whether my kids get jealous. S’mores is more of a daddy’s boy. Babadook seems to be content with my love. Zeus is new to our family and not used to being handled… we’re convinced he’s wild-caught from Central America because he isn’t tame like most lizards are when they’re held in captivity.
  10. Which of your children is your favorite?
    Angie says I HAVE to choose… so, I’d say Babadook my Chinese water dragon, but I love them all, really!
  11. Which color is most flattering for your complexion?
    I’m guessing this question is in regards to clothing color — I love burgundy and olive on me! During the warmer months, white and neons are really flattering as they help to accentuate my summer glow.
  12. What would you define your personal style as?
    Trendy and comfortable, with a touch girly!
  13. How long have you been blogging?
    It’ll be 3 years this September! The first year was pretty slow and I didn’t put in nearly as much effort as I did last and this year, though. It was a hobby that quickly turned into a dream career <3
  14. How old are you?
    I just turned 25 in December!
  15. What’s one statement piece you can’t live without?
    I don’t know if this can be considered a “statement piece,” but I can’t live without a good pair of heels! You’ll rarely spot me without a pair on. Heels are just the perfect way to add elegance to any look, no matter how casual. It also makes me feel more confident and done up.
  16. How long do you spend creating content for your blog and Instagram?
    This varies depending on the scope of the project. This Q&A is taking longer than usual, for example. So many questions to think about and answer! But, generally, I spend a day out of the week working on one or two blog posts to schedule for the following week. Each post can take anywhere from 1-3 hours to complete. David and I also dedicate a day or two in the week to shoot. Shooting usually takes no more than 15 minutes per look. So, if we really wanted to, we could pump out a good 4 looks in one day without tiring ourselves out. On days I’m not shooting outside, I’ll sometimes find myself taking flat lays at home for Instagram. While I’m doing that, David is busy editing my photos, which can take anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on his focus level and how the photos turned out.
  17. Do you shoot every day?
    No, I do not… I’m far too lazy to do my make-up and make my hair look good every day. In fact on most days, I’m au naturale!
  18. I would like to know how to pick a lizard. How did you decide on Zeus?
    I actually did not “decide” on Zeus — he came with the new enclosure that we bought for Babadook. I feel a bit guilty because we have essentially re-homed him into Babadook’s smaller enclosure while Babadook upgraded into Zeus’ big mansion. To be fair though, Babadook is literally 3x the size of Zeus… so I think Zeus can live with being in a smaller enclosure until my next big paycheck. 😉 As for picking a lizard, I’ve heard from the reptile community that bearded dragons are great first dragons. I personally have never owned one, and Babadook (Chinese water dragon) was my first one. If you get a lizard for the first time, you’ll ideally want to get him when he’s young — like less than 1 year old. Once they get older, they may be harder to tame. For example, Zeus is 1.5 years old now and we are having some difficulty getting him to be as docile as Babadook is. If you get a Chinese water dragon as your first lizard though, I’m your girl! 😉
  19. How did you grow your Instagram/blog?
    I don’t know if there’s a surefire way to “grow” — after all, the most random things seem to go viral on the Internet these days. My Instagram started out as a modeling account way back when I did modeling. When I transitioned into blogging, I changed my username to @stylelullaby and cleaned up the account to reflect more of a “blogger’s feed.” From there, I’ve prioritized creating quality content to share consistently both on my Instagram and blog. These days, I’ve also been taking part in loop giveaways which have helped me grow steadily. Connecting with fellow bloggers by going to events is also another great way to grow your network!
  20. What are your favorite stores to shop from?
    I’m not as picky with brands as I am with the fit and whether the style or item looks good on me. Generally speaking though, I love to shop at American Eagle, Abercrombie & Fitch, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Forever 21, TopShop, and Zara!
  21. If you had to get another reptile, what would it be?
    David and I really want a Cuban rock iguana, but that will have to wait until we get a bigger place to accommodate a full reptile room. We also want a gecko and chameleon!
  22. Where do you find the best deals for clothes and beauty products?
    For clothes, you can always find me at the sale racks! For beauty products, I love to frequent Ulta as they have a great rewards program. Pretty much all my make-up is from Ulta, except for my Chanel items which I purchase from either Nordstrom or Macy’s.
  23. What’s your favorite brunch spot?
    Does Bottega Louie count? I could literally devour all their macarons!
  24. What is your favorite movie?
    I’m a sucker for all romance movies… and Pete’s Dragon. That movie was epic. I’m probably biased because I’m a dragon mommy… but some of my other friends who aren’t also really loved that movie. If you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend it!
  25. What does your go-to outfit look like?
    I like to keep my go-to outfit pretty simple. Right now, I’m loving a lightweight sweater with distressed denim, topped off with a pair of classic heels and a small purse! I got both the sweater and white ripped jeans from American Eagle. The heels are by Seychelles Footwear, and the purse is by Chanel.

And there you have it! Hopefully, I answered your questions, and if there’s anything else you’re dying to know, feel free to ask me in a comment below! xx

Photos by David Potter

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156 Responses

  1. Those jeans are literal perfection! They fit you so well too girl! So proud of you for pursuing your dream, and really happy to hear that you enjoy what you do. Keep it up! xoxoxo

  2. This was so much fun to read! I knew a lot of the answers already from stalking your blog and IG for so long hehehe but I especially loved learning more about your reptile love!!

    Stephanie // SheSawStyle.com

    1. Thank you Stephanie! Haha you’re so sweet! Thank you for following along all this time and for all your love and support. I really appreciate it! xx

  3. I loved reading this Q&A about you! I like hearing about your personal life and growth and daily struggles. Who knew such a girlie girl would be a mother to dragons and even want more?! Still blows my mind. =). I love all your pet names too…so cute and unique. This blogging adventure has definitely been a great one for you and I love your posts and content. Keep up the amazing work and photos (you too David)! xoxo, Christine

    1. Aww thanks Christine! You’re always so sweet and good to me! I’m really lucky to have met you during my blogging adventure. Looking forward to hanging out more this year 🙂 Thanks again for all the love and support xoxo

    1. LOL! I don’t think S’mores would care unfortunately… he is TOTALLY a daddy’s boy!!! Always crying when daddy leaves and couldn’t care less that I’m still home keeping him company. Oh, and ALWAYS sleeping on daddy’s side of the bed. Ha! I can’t wait to see you again on Monday!!! 😀 Zeus is excited to meet you 😉 x

  4. I really enjoyed reading this Q&A babe! So proud of all the success you’ve had with blogging over the past 3 years and we seriously need to meet up soon. I definitely learned some new things about you through this post like OMG I’m actually a major homebody as well. It’s pretty bad haha… since I’m an introvert, but I’m trying to make more of an effort to network this year.


  5. I am totally in LOVE with your sweater. I am so picky about sweaters too. Lizards are so cute. A lot of people think I am weird because I love reptiles but I am so afraid of crickets! LOL! Beautiful look.

    1. Thanks Marie! LOL!!! I am actually the SAME way! I fear all the feeders for reptiles… but I love my dragons. Thank goodness for my bf who takes care of all the live feeding 😉

  6. You’re so gorg btw. Oh I remember being a size 00 (prebaby). The struggle is real. Now I’m a size 2 and it’s a whole new world when you can go shopping anywhere. For the first time I can shop at almost any store I want. Pretty exciting. I think I could use a lizard, time to grow my zoo. 😉

    1. Thank you Kat! Haha! The good ol’ days I bet?! Lol I think being size 2 is the perfect size! Must be a lot easier to shop now. I’m still stuck at very limited stores when it comes to bottoms… haha.

    1. Haha yes! Modeling is fun but I think I’ve moved on haha. Girllll your photos are amazing! I’m always so amazed by them hehe 🙂 xx

  7. Such an interesting post !
    It’s good to heard more about you !
    I never see any picture sof your lizards it seems so cool to have lizards at home. My fiancé is all about fishes ! Haha’. And i just love our new baby-kitten which is already enough for us ha’!
    I love your sweater.
    I reccently watched the new version of Pete’s dragon which is really a good movie.
    Your boyfriend is so good with editing your photos.

  8. I’ve loved getting to know you these last few months Sharon and you’ve been so amazing to call as my friend (and hopefully we will meet soon!) – love the story of how you got into lizards because I have to admit when I first saw I thought it was an interesting choice of pet. Love seeing your lizards now and of course your newest little bundle of joy Smores!!

    Helen xx

    1. Helen!! I’m so glad we’ve gotten the chance to talk and get to know each other the past few months too! Now just waiting until we finally cross paths in person, but in the mean time I’m always staying inspired by your beautiful photos and blog <3 Keep it up babe. Thanks for all the love and support xx

    1. Aww thanks Ruthie! What’s your Instagram? Would love to check you out! I appreciate the love and support. Congrats on 2 years of blogging babe!

  9. Some things I already knew, some I didn’t. Having a Q&A like this is a great idea to get to know Sharon behind all those beautiful pictures and I love it how you get up and close with us readers and let us into your personal lives and share some of your tips on how to make it in this saturated blogging world! You’re a true inspiration!


    1. Thanks Thomas! I love all your personal posts on your blog so was a bit inspired to get personal on mine too! xx

  10. I love your outfit and really enjoyed reading about you. I could totally relate to the part in which you confessed having felt the need to have more balance in your life. Your blog shows how much you’ve put into it. Congratulations on the 3-year anniversary. Your blog and photos are awesome!
    xo, janea

  11. Such a fun post! It’s such a great way to get to know you more. Ulta is a great place for beauty products, but I’ve never noticed points racking up. I had no idea Zeus came with the enclosure. lol That’s funny. You should do more blog posts like these! 🙂 Loved this one.


    1. Aww thank you Miki! So glad to have gotten to know you the past couple months 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion! If there’s anything else that you’d like to see me write about please let me know! x

  12. Thank you for answering my question babe 😉 I loved learning more about you and your awesome family, the little ones are too cute! Balance is a huge struggle for me but since I decided to only post 3 days a week and concentrate on my social media and brand AND have rest, its alot better. Hope you having a lovely Monday xx

    1. Awww thank you for contributing babe! I appreciate it! I totally agree that balance is a struggle but once you find the middle ground it’s not too bad! Just got to make sure you have time for your personal life outside of work and spend time with loved ones xx

    1. Thanks Jessi! I couldn’t agree more! I love getting to know other bloggers better too. You’re so sweet — thank you x

  13. So much fun reading this Q&A, girlie. I knew about your lizards but didn’t realize you were so into them, which is awesome! Learning more about the people behind the blogs I love is always really enjoyable for me. Can’t wait to keep reading what’s to come here, you’re such an inspiration!

    Kathryn • simplykk.com

  14. I love Q&A’s. I’m also starting to find more balance in life and be more in the moment. It was something I really struggled with last year trying to make a lot happen in a short period of time with my blog. Now I’m trying to figure out balance because it’s very easy to burn out and also neglect the important things in life like your loved ones.

    xoxo Rina Samantha

    1. Thanks for reading, Rina! I totally agree — as a freelancer who works from home especially, it’s so easy to overwork yourself if you love what you do!

  15. This was so fun to read! Thank you for taking the time to do this Q&A. It’s good to get to “know” you better and learn some little details about you! I love AE jeans, the fit is perfect! Also, how lucky are you that your boyfriend does all the editing! I need to get my husband into that. He takes some of my photos so the next step would be editing no?! hehe

    Bisous, Josie

    1. Thanks for reading, Josie! Glad you enjoyed the post! Yes, you’re right — I am super lucky to have my bf help me with so much haha! Saves so much time, frustration, and hassle… as I do not have the patience with photoshop haha

  16. Babe really love this post and knowing so many things about you!!!
    I really love Q&A post they are so fun to read. BTW love the pics as always.

    1. Omg that is so cool! You must have seen all sorts of lizards in your life haha that’s my dream! Thanks for the love and support x

  17. Aww such a lovely post, i’m enjoyed getting to know you more now. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work darling.
    Of course to your boyfriend too, he takes and edits wonderfully. I wish i had someone like him, so I rarely have edit my photos beside on IG.
    xoxo, Rachel

  18. I love when bloggers go behind the scenes. I think it’s beautiful that you had this awesome modeling career and decided you wanted more so you kind of merged the current with something new. I think it’s great that your boyfriend takes your photos, it’s nice to do things you’re passionate about together.

  19. It’s been great reading this and getting to know you a bit. I love that your boyfriend is involved with your blog by taking the photos.

    P.S. – You look amazing 🙂

    1. Thanks Sarah! You’re so sweet! <3 Yes, I have two lizards now lol! Plan to get more once we expand our grounds haha 😉

  20. OMG, Sharon I really enjoyed getting to know you! I stumbled upon your blog while in several facebook groups and I remember your website since your logo is memorable. It’s a sheep, right? haha so fluffy and cute. I know you might get asked this a lot, but is there anyway you could give me any feedback on my blog? It will be appreciated. Also you said you worked with different photographers when you started blogging. How did you find them and how much did you pay for them? Thanks so much! My website is http://www.clairebearblogs.com 🙂

    1. Hi Claire! Welcome to my blog and thanks for stopping by! I’ve been blogging for 3 years now and work 100% with my boyfriend on my photos now (he’s a photographer) but prior to that I did work with some other photographers who I was friends with. I did modeling before transitioning into blogging so I already had plenty of connections with photographers, so that helped a lot. They would pretty much offer to take my photos every now and then and it’d be super fun/casual. It was easier to connect with other creatives while I lived in LA but now that I’ve moved out of the city it’s just easier to work with my boyfriend haha. I’ll definitely check out your blog! x

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