William Rast: Justin Timberlake’s “Cool Factor” Clothing Line

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***Special thanks to Macy’s & William Rast for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.***

Who else out there is a Justin Timberlake fan? After learning that I’d get to partner up with Macy’s to style a look from his William Rast line, I was beyond stoked. Beyond stoked is an understatement, really! Not only is JT an amazing artist, he also has great taste in style too. Everything from his line has a bit of the “cool factor” infused into it, and it’s no exception for the pieces I chose. With summer right around the corner, there are just two essentials every fashionista needs in her wardrobe: 1) an airy white shirt that can be worn in various ways and 2) a pair of stretchy & comfy colored denim!

Honestly, with the temperatures rising in Palm Springs, my go-to top is usually a tank. However, I love to switch it up with something light and airy on days I feel like dressing up some. This button-up blouse is just that — with unique cut-outs on the sleeves followed by casual tie-knots on the sleeves. When just buttoned up in the front, the blouse has a boyfriend fit. Personally, I love everything tighter around my waist. So, I decided to go with the tie-knot theme and knot it up for extra flair. Overall though, I appreciate the looser fit because that means I can get away with wearing just a bralette or no bra at all 🙂

It’s been a while since I’ve worn colored denim but this one really caught my eye. It’s a bonus that it fits me perfectly. A HUGE bonus actually because it’s usually an ordeal for me to find jeans that fit my frame. I love that these are stretchy enough for me to move around comfortably but not to the point where it gets extremely loose by the end of the day. These jeans are super breathable, so I’ll definitely be wearing them more often throughout the season. To top it off, the frayed bottoms really add to the “cool factor” as well!

Have you shopped the William Rast line at Macy’s? What are your thoughts?

Photos by David Potter

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  1. I haven’t shopped at William Rast line at Macy’s Sharon! But i’m going to …after reading your post! I love their simple but yet stylish design. I just checked them out online and I love the colour range that they offer!! I totally need a pair for this summer!

    xx, Jessie

    1. Thank you Mariann! I did get quite tan from Cabo but even tanner after I moved to Palm Springs! It was 109 degrees out today and it will be 110 or so tomorrow! The heat is just getting started as summer hasn’t even arrived yet technically. Plus with 2 pools here it’s hard to resist soaking up some sun rays. Let me know if you’re ever in the area and we can tan together 😉

  2. I love those orange jeans with the frayed ends! They fit you so perfectly and I love the way you styled it with a top-knot shirt. Definitely looks so effortless-chic. I had no idea Justin Timberlake had a fashion line but I am a fan of him so I’ll have to check it out! Thanks for sharing babe 🙂

    1. Thank you babe! Admittedly, I didn’t know he had a clothing line either so when I found out he did I was so stoked because he’s one of my favorite artists. I fell in love with these orange jeans because of the frayed ends too. Don’t often come across colored denim like this and the fit is just perf! Hope you find something you like from his line too 🙂

  3. YASSS I love JT! His music is bomb and apparently so is his clothing line since you look fab! Will definitely check it out at Macy’s to see if there are other pieces I like 😍

  4. What a cool collaboration! I am officially jealous! I am absolutely in love with that blouse! It would be the perfect addition to wear when the summer days get a little cooler at night!

    1. Thanks Bernice! I usually don’t wear jeans in the heat either because that alone already sounds like pure torture but this pair isn’t too bad!

  5. Oh I had no idea Justin Timberlake has his own line, how cool you got to try some things from it!

    I really like the colourful jeans – I have just recently unboxed all my jeans for winter (it’s autumn here in Queensland) and it’s been so fun wearing all my bright jeans again.

    Hope you are having a great start to the week! I just published my first eBook so the week is starting brilliantly for me! 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. I know! I want a pair of mint jeans next lol 🙂 I’m so glad to hear you’re having a good week — congrats on publishing your first eBook! That’s incredible news and a wonderful accomplishment!

  6. You make those pants sound like a dream. It’s so hard for me to find pants that fit my small frame but don’t get too loose at the end of the day. Plus this color is so much fun. I also totally adore the white blouse. I have one with similar sleeves that I’m loving lately. Such a cute look, girlfriend! JT would be proud 😉

    Stephanie // SheSawStyle.com

    1. They really are! It’s so impossible for me to find well-fitting clothing especially bottoms so yeah… this was sort of a big deal lol!

  7. I’ve heard of the collab, but had no idea JT was behind it. I’ve been a fan since N’Sync and uh, that’s quite a while, haha. He’s an amazing artist, but so is his sense of style. I need to check out if this collab is out there for us men too, if not, I’ll just stick to admiring the beautiful pictures you’re showing us here on your blog, hun! The pants are to die for really (and I could rock them, haha).


  8. No I have not shopped the William Rast line at Macy’s. I love love love Justin Timberlake so I know I would love his clothing line. That blouse is wonderful – going to try to snag it right away..



  9. I wore William Rast years ago! I had no idea it was still around!

  10. I love JT! He is so cool and love that he has a clothing line too. I haven’t purchased anything from his brand before but after seeing the fit of these jeans on you I definitely need to give it a try. I have a hard time finding skinny jeans that fit right so this may be the solution. Love the color for summer. This blouse is also beautiful. I like the tie sleeves and the oversized fit. This is a perfect look for summer! Xoxo, Christine

  11. Oh wow! I didn’t realize JT still had his clothing line! Thats so awesome. The clothes look amazing. I love the color and fit of those pants!

  12. Such great style! I’m not familiar with William Rast but will definitely look closer at his clothing line. Definitely nails the Justin Timberlake cool factor for sure!

  13. Definitely a fan of JT but I have to say I had no clue about this collection or his fashion business sense at all.
    However I have to say I really like the pants and the color looks amazing with your skin tone


  14. I need a really lightweight white top and pants in that color!! I think this is the perfect look for Spring! I always love discovering a pair of jeans that fit just right. It’s one of the best feelings ever! The William Rast and JT line looks so nice! Definitely going to explore more of it 🙂

    With love, Jenn

  15. Wow, really like those jeans- to be honest the whole frayed hem jeans trend hasn’t really gotten to me, but these I really like! Love the makeup as well 🙂

  16. OMG I have a pair of his denim too and was actually pretty shocked to see he had his own line. In my defense, I’m not in the fashion industry so it makes sense that I didn’t know. If he came out with a restaurant I’m sure I would be first in line. However, to see an artist I dig with a fashion label is so cool. My denim are grey and I love them. I really like the color and the frayed ankles so much on you. And pairing it with a clean white top is so perfect, And one that you can wear without a bra? LOL the dream!

    1. Ohh yay! So glad you have a pair of his denim too! Grey jeans sound amazing — I would love a pair by JT! 🙂 I know right?! Wearing a top without a bra is literally the dream for me LOL!!!

  17. Omg thank you for sharing this. I actually did not know Justin Timberlake had a line!! I am obsessing over the pink jeans. <3 Love it all.


  18. Very cool outfit! Thank you so much for letting us all know about JT’s line at Macy’s! I absolutely know what you mean about the flowy white top with interesting twists to it; paired with the colored denim, the whole look comes together so well! You look beautiful! xx, Lindsay | Paris, Meet Boston | http://www.parismeetboston.com

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