Mixing Textures this Fall with Marshalls


***Special thanks to Marshalls for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.***

I know I’ve been pretty silent here on the blog, but I am going to try getting better, I promise! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see that I’m still alive. Things have actually been super busy behind the scenes. In fact, David and I just returned from a week long trip to Chicago. Just in time for vacation in a cooler climate, I partnered up with Marshalls to style and share an autumnal look with you!

This season, I’m all about mixing different textures and patterns to create balance in my outfit. For example, I love the clean lines of a classic trench coat, but can’t give up my distressed jeans. I never really thought to pair the two together but when challenged to create a unique look from pieces I could find at my local Marshalls, I did! To add even more definition, I wore a velvet top from the racks under the coat. Everything is better with some velvet, right?

I have a soft spot for structured boxy looking purses. So, when I spotted this beauty in the bag department, I knew I had to have it. Is it just me, or does the crocodile texture really elevate the look? It makes such a unique statement piece and I’ve gotten heaps of compliments on it already.

I have been a loyal fan of Marshalls for longer than I can remember. Growing up, I enjoyed getting all sorts of goodies there, ranging from beauty products to home decor and of course, fashion pieces. In college, I shopped here frequently because it felt amazing to score great deals on trendy items by my favorite designers.

To this day, I still love visiting Marshalls. I feel like I walk out with a fun surprise every time! Whether it be a soft cozy dog bed for S’mores, a delightful candle for my office, or a piece of clothing I’ve been wanting for a long time, Marshalls has it all for the best prices!

Have you had an exciting Marshalls surprise lately?

Photos by David Potter

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  1. Omg those jeans are literal perfection! They fit you like a glove. And yes, the box bag trend is so in right now and I’m dying to get one just like yours! Will have to check out my local Marshalls this weekend 🙂

    1. Thanks Miranda! They are my favorite pair of jeans right now and I got them for only $20! Such a steal haha. Since I got the bag not long ago I’m sure you might be able to still find it at your local Marshalls! Happy shopping babe!

  2. Totally crushing over that velvet top and can’t believe you got it from marshalls! I usually get home decor stuff from there but never really thought to shop clothing too. Will definitely give the clothing department a peek next time I’m there and see what I can find!!

    1. Velvet makes everything better, right? It’s like I’m in love with this look because the velvet top just completes it! Ah, I’m a HUGE fan of Marshalls’ home decor too! So many great steals. My entire bedroom is decked out with random things from there haha.

  3. I love this fall look! I’m glad you got to go to Chicago and experience some fall weather. These distressed jeans and velvet top are great for fall and love the jacket! That bag reminds me of the “it” Prada bag too. Such fab finds at Marshalls! I need to check them out soon! Xoxo, Christine

    1. Thanks Christine! We had a blast in Chicago but unfortunately totally got sick after the trip. I think our bodies did not adjust well to the change in weather even though it wasn’t totally drastic. We are just way too used to the extreme heat now! Hoping this cold will pass but in the mean time I’m staying bundled up hehe 🙂 Thanks babe!

  4. Marshall’s is a great place to find stylish items and deals at affordable prices. I also mix and match colors and textures and I’m loving your outfit especially the bag and jacket!

  5. Sorry, I hit the send button. Your whole outfit is incredible and it makes you like it more when you can look like you do and not pay high prices. I need to shop at Marshall’s. You always look great.



    1. YES girl I saw some NARS and Bobbi Brown at my local Marshalls on my last trip too! It was amazing. I’m glad you were able to find something you liked for a good price!

  6. I’ve been gone for a minute, but you know I loooooove your blog because you make fashion look so easy. What I love most is that you found the cutest pieces from Marshalls and they look so great together. Can I go shopping with you and learn how you do it all, puh-lease!

    Danielle | FollowMyGut.com <3

  7. Obsessed with that velvet top! Love the whole outfit styled together, Marshalls has some amazing pieces, I’m always finding great deals there!

  8. I love the look! It looks comfortable, yet classy! I create recipes for my blog, and I love to mix textures with food. So now I have to use that mindset when coming up with an outfit!

    1. Ohhh that’s one way to look at it babe! I’ve recently gotten into cooking more since I moved to Palm Springs and will have to look into the different ways I can incorporate different textures with my food 🙂

    1. Marshalls is one of my favorite places to shop for home decor, but I don’t often shop for clothes there. The last time I did was probably in college but now I’m reminded of all the wonderful finds they have in the clothing department too!

  9. I love shopping at Marshalls. You can find so many trendy pieces at great prices. I relly like how you mixed different textures to create this outfit. You look great!


  10. I love Marshall’s! They really do have some really great finds at such great prices. You look so gorgeous in this look – great finds! I love your trench coat so much. I’ve been looking everywhere for one that fits well. I’ll definitely have to plan a trip to Marshall’s!

    xo, Jo

  11. I would have never thought to pair a velvet item with a classic trench coat, but this is such a great styling tip!! I really miss shopping the good deals at Marshalls, they must have lots of good stuff for fall season!
    xo Samantha

    1. Yes they do! I just came back from another trip to Marshalls and saw that they have cashmere sweaters now! I can’t wait to stock up for winter 🙂 hehe

  12. I love Marshalls! It is my go to place for buying presents for my family. I have huge family, so saving money is important to me! I also love shopping for my self too! Love your look and pictures.

    1. Oh girl I totally understand! I have a huge extended family too and when the holidays roll around I really have to watch my budget because it’s just so easy to overspend. Being able to get affordable items that are very gift-worthy feels great and Marshalls is definitely the place for that!

    1. Thanks Amanda! It’s so fun right? Hehe in the summer here it’s hard to wear too many things because it gets so hot but I’m excited to layer more into the cooler months!

  13. Glad to have you back to the blogosphere babe!! We miss you but I know you are alive since I’m always waiting for your next insta post everyday!
    LOVE your pics 🙂 I also love this trench coat such a must have piece for the fall season.


  14. What a gorgeous look! And I’m especially obsessed with that box bag that’s totally in right now! Great finds!
    xo, LA

  15. Love that bag hun and that velvet top is so pretty too! I don’t have a Marshalls where I live, but I have shopped in one before and always love going in to find a good deal!

    1. Thank you Nicole! That’s a shame that there is no Marshalls in your area. Hopefully soon? I’m glad you at least had the chance to visit one before though. They really do have the best finds!

  16. Can you believe I’ve never been to a Marshall’s??? I think they’re fairly new to Canada but I had no idea they carried such cute trendy pieces! I’ve been seeing those box style purses everywhere this season! I guess I’m going to have to pick one up!

    1. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Lol! Omg I go to Marshalls so often here because shopping in PS isn’t the best… in fact I get a ton of stuff from Marshalls! Mostly home decor stuff but occasionally I’ll find a cute essie nail polish for like $2 or $3. Such a steal. My bf likes to get kitchen stuff from there! Lol. Occasionally I’ll also find great fashion finds like I’ve mentioned here. The box bag was a total steal… I believe it was just $30 and looks so expensive!

  17. Oh my goodness that trench coat is just perfect! I’ve not been to Marshall’s but I clearly need to! I used to shop in the clothing section of TK Maxx so much back in England and always found such great pieces! I love how you’ve styled this whole look!! Xo

    1. Thanks girl! There’s a TJ Maxx where I live too and sometimes I’ll find good things there too but I find Marshalls to be a lot more organized! Their variety is a bit better too!

  18. I’ve never heard of Marshall’s before but you’ll have to take me when I finally make my way back to the states!

    That coat is such a staple piece for the wardrobe and you rock it with those jeans little lady. Ugh and I’m totally lusting after that bag of yours!

    Helen X

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