A Little Animal Print Never Hurt


Now that it’s finally cooling down in the evenings, I’ve teamed up with Macy’s to share with you a fun fall look featuring Catherine Malandrino’s gorgeous animal print high-lowΒ blouse and long ribbed duster cardigan. I’m usually not one to love printed clothing, but a little animal print never hurt. In fact, after seeing Gigi Hadid rock a leopard print long cardi with a form-fitting black dress recently, I was sold.










This top is super comfortable and lightweight. It’s on the loose & flowy side, but at the same time, it’s form-fitting enough even on a petite frame like mine! It’s perfect for the warmer afternoons and can be easily transitioned into the cooler nights with a cardigan.

If there’s one item I leave behind in the car this season, it’s a versatile cardigan.Β You just never know when it’ll suddenly get chilly! I love this one by Catherine Malandrino because it’s black and goes well with everything! It even features a button-front, allowing me to button up and keep my legs warm if I’m wearing shorts or a skirt.

With the blouse serving as the statement piece of myΒ look, I decided to lay off on the accessories. This outfitΒ is easily completed with jeans, a simple black shoulder bag, and a pair of booties. I loved that this brown pair matches perfectly with the animal print!

What are your thoughts on animal print this season? Would you wear it?

Photos by David Potter

***Special thanks to Macy’s & Catherine Malandrino for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.***

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204 Responses

  1. Animal print looks amazing on you babe! You’ve nailed the look πŸ™‚ Congrats on your partnership with Macy’s! That’s awesome!!!

  2. What a great fall look! I never used to love leopard print but I have to admit that it’s been warming up on me lately, and now even more so after seeing you wear it! My style idol! Happy weekend darling.

  3. You look absolutely stunning in this outfit, Sharon. I actually love animal print as well as many other prints very much. This is a very versatile piece – love how you styled it with a long cardigan for fall or maybe even winter in California and Texas where we don’t get very cold winters, the beautiful print and flowy design are also perfect for spring. I think you look just as beautiful in prints as in any other gorgeous solid outfits you shared in the past. You are a beautiful person inside and out, Sharon! Looking forward to more of your inspirations in fashion and life style!


    1. Thanks, Jo! So glad you like the look! I think the leopard print is really growing on me now haha. πŸ™‚ You’re so sweet babe. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  4. Love that full body photo of you smiling!!! So pretty! 😍😍😍 such a fun look and perfect for thanksgiving ☺️ Have a wonderful weekend hun xx

  5. This is totally my kind of look. I love finding one particular piece to use as my “statement” rather than wearing numerous accessories. The blouse is so pretty and unique, and with that longline cardi it’s a total smash!

    Stephanie // SheSawStyle.com

  6. Having a versatile, lightweight cardigan is an essential! In Sydney we’re at the weather where it’s chilly in the morning on my way to work, and by 10am it’s boiling hot. I love the blouse and cardigan and think it’s perfect for this season!


    1. I couldn’t agree more! It’s a bit like that here in LA too these days… except it’s warm during the day and chilly at night. Cardigans are a must!

    1. Thanks Joti! You’re right — it’s not straight up leopard print! A bit more abstract haha. Butterfly spots is a good way to describe it, though I never thought of it before I saw your comment lol! Have a wonderful weekend xo

  7. I love a little animal print at times and this one is perfect because it is lightweight and flows so beautifully. I am obsessed with long cardigans because they are so easy to wear and throw over anything. I take them on trips all the time too especially for the plane. Such a perfect fall look Sharon. Have a great weekend! xoxo, Christine

    1. I was never really into long cardigans but after getting this one I think I’ve developed a new obsession, haha πŸ™‚ Thanks for the love babe! Happy weekend xoxo

    1. Thank you so much babe! I’ll have to hand over photo credit to my talented boyfriend but I do my best haha! πŸ™‚ xo

  8. I adore animal print when paired with something monochrome or simple ! Makes a statement & looks so chic ! You look amazing πŸ™‚
    xx, gracie

    1. Thank you Sami! Yeah, I love that the top is sort of like a spin off of leopard print but not straight up leopard print if you know what I mean πŸ˜‰ hehe

    1. LOL! I guess it never really did… but I just never really was too fond of it until recently! Haha! Thanks for stopping by babe! xo

    1. Thank you so much, Crissy! So glad you like my blog! πŸ™‚ You’re the sweetest. Hope you had a wonderful weekend! xo

  9. Love the high low hem! It makes it so much more unique! That long cardigan would be a perfect addition to my wardrobe!

    1. Thanks, Kyla! Yes! The cardi is a must this time of year for sure πŸ™‚ The high-low hem actually makes the top work as a dress… if I was a tad shorter haha!

    1. Lol!!! Glad you like animal print too and can’t wait to see you sport them on your blog soon! πŸ™‚ You’re so sweet Thomas! Thank you xoxo

    1. Thanks Linh! I’m sure you could pull this off! HAHA I actually was thinking that you might wear it as a dress when I got this top <3 haha!

  10. I’m seriously in love with this classic look. I like that you went with a longline cardigan ( they are my favs ) and also how cute are these boots. It’s funny, 3 years ago I was not a fan of animal print but somehow, things changed and I recently bought my first pair of leopard print heels and I’m obsessed πŸ˜‰

    Bisous, Josie


    1. Thanks Josie! Ooohh! Leopard print heels sound lovely — I need to get myself a pair! Maybe a leopard print clutch too!

  11. Love the animal prints babe!! But for some reason I like to see it in people but not in me.
    You look great and love the styling of how you mix this beautiful top.

    1. Yay! Glad you liked the look, Chrissy. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll look for you on Bloglovin’ and return the love babe! xoxo

  12. You loo great! The blouse has a nice print and looks so comfortable and flowy. I love that you paired it with a long cardigan. I love cozying up to one as it starts to get cold, especially if I plan to watch a movie at night – it’s so easy to grab it from the car! The fact that it’s long is a bonus since i can use it to cover up when I’m seated somewhere cold.


    1. Thank you Miki! I couldn’t agree more with your point about having a long cardi in the car. So handy I love it!

  13. No girl, animal print never hurts and this one is just beautiful. Actually the whole look is beautiful, love that duster cardigan and those boots, swoon!! xo, Darci

  14. I love that the outfit has a subtle touch of animal print, lovely. I am not a huge fan of too much leopard so this is just perfect balance for me πŸ™‚ Love the look so much on you!! Your photos are stunning, you should be a model, babe <3
    xox Nadia

    1. Thanks Nadia! I’m not too big on leopard print too but depending on what it is and when worn right, it can be beautiful! Haha thank you — I actually started out modeling and transitioned into blogging and have loved every minute of the journey!

    1. Oooohh I want a leopard print cardigan! Will have to look for one tomorrow and see if there are any Cyber Monday deals on it πŸ™‚ xx

    1. I know right? I was actually never much of a Macy’s shopper until recently and am especially loving their Maison Jules collection πŸ™‚

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