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***Special thanks to Zappos & Clarks for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.***

With Spring in full swing and summer right around the corner, I’ve been updating my shoe collection to elevate my wardrobe this season. Zappos.com has been my go-to destination for footwear since college days because of their stellar customer service, speedy shipping, exemplary return policy, and great selection. With that said, I’m excited to team up with them to style a pair of fashion-forward Clarks sandals!

Random fact: I was first introduced to Clarks by my dad who was a frequent shopper. Growing up, I was taught the importance of practicality. My dad loved the Clarks brand because he found their shoes to be just that — very wearable, durable, and made of high quality materials. The best part is that the shoes are also very reasonably priced. I eventually grew to love Clarks myself because not only are their styles very classic and on-trend, they are extremely comfortable! With Clarks, you never have to sacrifice comfort for style — whatever the occasion.

For this look, I chose to style the Aisley Orchid wedge sandal in Sage Suede. This style comes in three other colors, including black, dark tan, and light tan. Generally speaking, I am a sucker for nude shoes because of their versatility, and Sage Suede was closest to that. It’s currently just under $110 on Zappos.com, which is such a steal for a quality pair of sandal-wedges!

I have so much love for these that I don’t even know where to begin! They are literally the comfiest pair of wedges I have ever slipped my feet into. I am a wedge hoarder and have many that I consider comfortable, but these ones are on a new level! No exaggeration, I promise. I seriously can’t get over how lightweight and soft they are.

Did I mention how much support they give my feet? Unlike many wedges and heels, I didn’t have to “break into” these ones. The Cushion Plus technology in the suede-covered footbed ensures luxurious comfort as I strut freely in style. I’m able to wear these all day long with no discomfort because the platform and heel height difference isn’t massive, which means that there’s less of a “dip.” Think about it like wearing regular sandals, with the added height 😉 This classic style is perfect with just about anything — from shorts to dresses, to this cute little polka dot romper.

What shoe styles are you looking forward to wearing most as the weather warms up?

Photos by David Potter

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88 Responses

  1. I love it when Superdad Jeff actually introduces something to you and not the other way around. I think a lot about how comfortable my footwear is as I’m always on the run. Like right now I’m sitting in a café in London as I can’t walk anymore. I made the stupid mistake of actually wearing NEW shoes to a trip where I knew I’d walk a lot so that was mistake number one. I look forward to rediscovering what Papa Jeff recommended to you, but also some lovely sandals and slips as they’re getting an upswing this season 🙂


    1. Lol!!! Thomas you’re so funny! I love reading your comments every time lol makes my day! Omg I have made the same mistake as you so many times and basically have never gotten away with it until this pair really! I hope your feet are feeling a lot better now! xx

  2. I just bought a pair of clarks sandals and they are super comfortable. I feel like they can last throughout the summer which is great because most of the times my sandals only last me one season. I love your outfits and choice of shoes!

  3. Those wedges look perfect on you! They look super comfy too. I actually don’t own a pair of wedges that don’t give me blisters somewhere so I will have to look into these. They’re surprisingly stylish considering it sounds like you didn’t even have to break into them?

  4. I love that dress. You look amazing! Thanks for the suggestions on comfy sandals- its hard to find a pair that are cute and wont hurt your feet!

    1. Thanks Sienna! It really is a challenge finding shoes that won’t hurt your feet, especially the shoes that add height lol

  5. It’s funny how mom and dad’s suggestions really hold true when it comes down to it. I definitely agree when it comes to practicality, it’s so important to have practical footwear. I’d love to hear about some of your other favourite practical but stylish shoes!

    1. They really do! My dad apparently had the perfect taste in shoes all this time lol! Super practical, stylish, and comfortable 🙂

  6. Love that romper! It goes so well with those shoes. I’ve been looking for a pair of wedges just like that in black!

  7. Oh my gosh from the first photo of the suede wedge, I was in love. And they look great with the polka dot romper. Nothing can beat a comfortable shoe.



    1. I have a hard time finding comfy shoes too and was really pleased that I didn’t even need a “break in” period for these ones.

  8. I seriously love these! I am going to Greece in a few weeks and want a pair now…comfy and sexy! Lol…they look really cute with your polka dot romper!

    1. I think you’d really love these! They are super comfortable for all the walking you’ll do on your travels 😉

  9. Those sandals are so cute and I’m happy to hear they’ve got a cushioned footbed. Comfortable shoes are always a must when I’m out and about, but they got to look good too, right?! Those look like they’ve got the best of both worlds.

    xo, Jo

  10. Those look really comfortable. I love that the ‘dip’ isn’t too much and it allows you to get the height you need especially for a girl like me who’s only 5’2. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Ahhh! It’s quite the opposite here in Palm Springs… so hot we are getting used to getting up early and getting stuff done before the heat gets us lol! Hope it warms up for ya soon girl!

  11. This post made me so happy because my Pop introduced me to Clark shoes too! I think he’s worn then for most of his life and of course, as little girl, he put me in a pair of Clarks Mary-Jane buckle shoes 🙂

    Wedges are always a good shout, aren’t they! Especially when we’re running after our fellas. I love that you didn’t have to break these in and can see you wandering Palm Springs in these for hours! Happy FriYay eve my lovely, I hope you have lovely weekend xx

    1. Awww! That’s so sweet to hear! I guess Clarks is a popular brand among those pops! lol! Indeed, I love how comfy these shoes are and I could run in them if I wanted to… maybe not a marathon though 😉 hehe hope you have a lovely Friday sweetie <3 xx

    1. I think you’d rock these wedges! Comfort is definitely key 🙂 thanks for stopping by! xx

  12. When I was in middle and high school, I remember being embarrassed because the only brand of shoes my mom would wear were Clark’s. I thought they were chunky and awkward, but man, they have seriously stepped up their game. These wedges are totally cute and definitely something I would reach for! Pairing them with that adorable polka dot romper was a great styling decision. You look fabulous!

    Stephanie // SheSawStyle.com

    1. I know right?! I don’t remember liking Clarks when my dad first introduced the brand to me but now my outlook is totally different!

  13. My mom also raves about Clarks and she makes it a priority to drag me into one every time she comes on vacation with us. I personally have never seen a shoe in there I would wear except for these. These are right up my alley and they do look comfy!


    1. Lol!!! It must be a parent thing?! Sounds like Clarks just doesn’t disappoint. These ones are super chic, stylish, and comfortable! I think you’d rock them 🙂

  14. You look great in that dress, and those shoes look so chic. Clarks are so incredibly comfy! I bought a couple of pairs in high school and you can stand in them all day! I mean, these are perfect for travelling too. I first heard of Zappos years ago from a friend and actually read their book 3 years ago. They really focus on customer service! You are super stylish as always Sharon!


    1. You’re so sweet! Thanks girl! Yes, Zappos customer service is beyond amazing — probably the best out there that I’ve experienced so far! Miss you babe <3 xx

  15. Gorgeous look, babe! I really love those shoes!
    Adi xx

  16. I have to say I never used Clarks shoes and I have to say looking at this style I underestimate how nice shoes they made.
    Love the sage suede color and how you mixed this style with this polka dots dress.


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