Before the Spring Flowers Bloom


It’s been a pretty rainy winter here in LA, but the sun finally came back. I can’t wait for it to be Spring already, which explains why I’m wearing pastel pink so much more these days. Even though it’s sunny out, it’s still pretty chilly. While organizing my wardrobe, I came across this chunky pom pom beanie that I bought specifically for my trip to the east coast last winter! I totally forgot I had it but was thrilled to wear it one more time before the Spring flowers bloom.

I styled this beauty with an oversized textured sweater from American Eagle featuring hints of pink, and my new favorite pair of flared denim. These jeans were only $20 in the sale racks at AEO! I absolutely love everything about it — the length, the rips in all the right places, and more importantly, the overall fit. I couldn’t find the exact pair online, so this pair might only be available in select stores. Check the sale racks! If you’re an online shopper though, I’ve linked a similar pair below with another sweater that would look amazing with it.

Since the look is pretty simple and casual, I wanted to add a dash of elegance with a long pearl Chanel necklace and my pink statement bag. I actually wear this bag a lot more than I expected. Not only does it give the look a more girly touch, it also adds a nice pop of color to any outfit.

David and I recently found a gold mine shooting spot in the lush neighborhoods of Beverly Hills. The locale is super cute and literally every house on the block is photogenic! We will definitely be frequenting the area a lot more now that we’ve exhausted most of our options where we live. 🙂

What are some of the last-minute winter pieces you’re wearing before Spring arrives?

Photos by David Potter

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    1. Thanks couz! The beanie is from Forever 21 but I got it last winter! Super soft and affordable! I wonder if they have any similar ones on their sale racks now that spring is rolling around?

  1. I really love those jeans as I told you on your Insta page, Sharon. Of course look at who is modeling them, right? Those long legs are made for those pretty distressed jeans. I am always a fan of American Eagle (since I was a teenager haha). I also love this oversized casual sweater which is a piece you can wear all the time especially on the weekends. So glad David and you found a perfect spot for the future pictures :).

    1. Awww thanks babe! You’re too sweet! Wish you lived closer so we could go shopping together haha. I think we’d have a blast!

  2. I love those flares, lady! It must be so nice to have a little bit of that sunshine back. Also, cheers to finding new picture spots, that’s always an exciting thing. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

    Kathryn •

    1. Thanks Camille! I’m happy we’re improving from our extreme drought conditions too, but glad to have the sun back haha

  3. Such a cute outfit. I am obsessed with Chanel jewelry. I wanted to buy a layered necklace in Paris and didn’t end up having time to find one I couldn’t live without. The denim you’re wearing is awesome. Such a steal! So glad the sun is out now that I’m back. 🙂 You look great babe.


    1. Thanks Christine! I know right?! I saw the distressing on the jeans and knew from there I had to have it! xo

  4. Beautiful outfit. Loved everything about this especially the sweater . All the choices are so versatile as well, I can see so many mix and match options here ..

  5. I LOVE this outfit, especially those jeans. They are super adorable. Wish I could pull off something like that.

  6. This outfit is so super cute! The knit sweater looks beyond cozy, and your beanie is so adorable on you! I love that you’ve been wearing flares so often. It makes my fourteen-year-old self so happy haha. Flares are just the comfiest and they’re SO flattering on your long and lean legs!

    Stephanie //

    1. Thanks Stephanie! Haha I have been rewatching my favorite show all the way back in middle school, The OC… and seriously, the older styles are making a come back in my wardrobe haha! Even though the styles may be outdated I still love them!

  7. Such a cute look babe! LOVE the pom pom beanies I have many of them but always forget that I have them. I usually find them when Im looking for something else lol!!
    Love how it combines perfectly with this knit.


    1. I can’t wait either! It’s been so nice out this week so far, I think I’m going to do a beach trip soon haha 🙂

  8. This is such an adorable look! I love how you mix it up with the textures. I can’t wait until spring. This looks super cozy and super comfy. I can’t wait to wear an outfit like this when it warms up a bit 🙂

  9. I can hardly believe you got these jeans for $20. They are the perfect fit and I love the flare style. AEO jeans have a high quality and are durable. I personally own a pair from them ( i’ve had it for more than 3 years now ) that I still wear frequently and the fit is always great! Love this look darling … and I’m liking this neighbourhood ! yay for a a new shooting spot 😉

    Bisous, Josie

    1. Hahaha thanks babe! I’m known to hoardddd the sale section and I consider myself lucky if I’m able to walk out the door with clothes (especially bottoms) in my size!

  10. I’m looking out the window on a gray Sunday (and need I add, rainy…) and then I see these wonderful pictures of you, Sharon, which lighten up the day! That beanie is adorable as well as the top, the statement bag AND those distressed jeans! Need I say more? I absolutely adore the whole look and you’ve got me waiting for spring to come. The sooner the better! 🙂

    1. It’s going to rain in LA tomorrow and the following and I’m not looking forward to it 🙁 I miss the sun! Haha. Hope it warms up where you are soon!

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